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Logo Design

Some Lessons to be learnt from Successful Logo Redesigns

October 22, 2015

Some Lessons to be learnt from Successful Logo Redesigns

Logo is the symbol that represents your business. With logo; one can easily recognize the brand. Generally, Logos are kept the same for longer time span. However, certain companies can have policies to get their logo redesigned after certain interval of time.

So, if web design companies get such kind of logo redesigning jobs then it’s the golden opportunity for them because designers can learn a lot from re designing thus they get a golden chance to learn something new.

Why the need arises to get the logo re developed?

You might have seen popular brands changing their logos after specific time span. Most of them do so to get a very clean look and keep their logo updated with latest trends while some get it redeveloped so that the logo is easily adjustable at each and every place including huge bill boards to small mobile screens.

Well, this blog post from well known logo designing firm; Softqube Technologies that specializes in corporate logo designs shows some of the widely used tips which makes logo reframing easy and helps to accomplish the project quickly and smoothly.

Tips that make Logo Re framing an easy job:

Note: All the tips mentioned here are based on the experience of experts during the process of logo reconstruction.

Corporate Logo Redesign

  1. Display the old logo qualities in a better way: Every company’s present logo has some of its unique points and these must be highlighted in the new logo. This means if your logo has the initials of your brand and it is very popular then these initials must be highlighted in the new logo.
  2. Know about brand’s past for creative ideas: Sometimes amazing new logos can be developed by taking some idea from the old logo as well as knowing in depth about the company as well as its journey in the market.It is advisable to develop such a logo that re lives the history of the logo and pays it a good tribute.
  3. Always go for simple designs: Simple looking logos are always attractive. They depict the meaning in an easy manner with appropriate designs thus giving it a professional look. Sometimes it is good to ignore grammar in order to get an amazing logo design.
  4. Concentrate more on colours: The colour that suits the brand must be used in a proper manner in such a way that it creates eagerness in people to know more about your brand as well as give it a try for atleast once.
  5. Adopt new trends but maintain the tradition: Always new trends will be available as designing is a field that constantly keeps on updating itself. Now, in order to develop a logo that meets current trends never ignore the tradition.Instead include new trends in such a way that it enhances the beauty of the tradition thus giving it more of an awesome look.
  6. Logo should be clearly readable: Take a look at the image given above, you will find that the one after redesign is absolutely simple and is clearly readable while the one before redesign is somewhat unclear.
  7. Make maximum use of hidden meanings: The hidden meanings add interest to the logo thus making it more creative. Hence, always try to sort them out.

Always follow these tips to re design amazing logos which are easily remembered and become the memorable ones as memorable logos are 13% more likely to get customers’ attention and out of this, 7% inspire people to learn more about the brand.

Some logos itself show that the company is unique and is different from competitors. This helps you to showcase what a design can actually do. When people are familiar with the brands; they are likely to get assign positives as well as negatives to the same design.

This shows why people react so strongly with various brands like Google’s logo redesigns. Further, different brands have different logo shapes. Let’s take a look as to what exactly the shape reveals about any logo:

Logo Shapes and their Interpretation:

  • Logos that are developed using geometric shapes as well as those that have initials are considered to be the most powerful ones.
  • Logos that are written in Serif fonts and those having font based wordmarks are considered to be traditional.
  • Organic logos are usually considered to be warm and caring ones.
  • Illustrative custom wordmark logos are usually trendy.
  • Sophisticated wordmark logos are usually associated with being sophisticated as compared to any other logos.
  • The most respected ones are those written with Serif wordmarks.
  • Holding shape logos are more approachable as compared to any other types.
  • Logos that contain initials are commonly edgy rather than any other logos.
  • Holding shape and initial logos are equally considered to be reliable thus making them top for that particular attribute.
  • Logos having illustrative custom wordmarks are more Stylish as compared to any other logo types.
  • Organic and geometric logos are innovative.

So, now it will be easier for you to select the logo type keeping in mind the look and feel that is generated by them.

For e.g.: If you are redesigning the logo and you wish make innovative one then you can use organic logos with geometric shape. Likewise; you can choose serif wordmarks to create the logos that get more respect.

Depending on the feel you want for any logo; you can select the shape.

Wind Up

This sum ups today’s blog post. Hope this information was useful to you and will be helpful to you whenever you are on the way to re design a logo. So, make sure to bookmark this page as it will serve a handy guide for you.

Want to share your views about this with us then get in touch with us very soon; we are eager to hear from you. Stay connected for more such updates regarding web designing as well as other IT fields.

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