Is it Advisable to Outsource SEO Services?

October 12, 2014

Outsource SEO Services is a great decision and it saves you a ton of valuable time in which you can concentrate on other aspects of your business such as the marketing, advertising etc. But while outsourcing your SEO can free you a lot of valuable time and headache you might also hamper your entire business in the long run.

By wrong way of placing the ranking and keywords over the content quality and content relevance, you are just alienating your visitors and hurting your progress in the long run. This blog focuses on the two ways that people outsource their content: the wrong way and the right way. So without any further ado, let us begin:

The Wrong Way to Outsource SEO Services

Most people building websites and starting new business do not have a predefined plan for SEO. They build their site in a way that they think will cater to the general consumer and release it. On the way, they learn that SEO can bring a lot of targeted traffic to their site for free and they go out and hire an external SEO firm who will insert keywords and build page links for them.

The result they were after in the first place was to create a site which will cater to consumers and increase the amount of traffic directed to their pages. But instead they get a site full with keyword stuffed pages with irrelevant content and pages full with backlinks to other pages. The end result is that in the short term even if the site ranks in the Google number 1 page, it will soon lose its ranking and its customers for the reason that the consumers are no longer interested in the site content anymore.

The Right Way to Outsource SEO

Ideally, SEO should not be a disconnected concern thought only after creating the entire website but it should be a part of website development from the very beginning of the site planning phase. So in this case, instead of turning to SEO firms at the last moment to insert keywords you should work together with them to create relevant but keyword rich content. Let us look at a specific example which illustrates the above point:

Let us imagine that you are creating a website on software engineering.An SEO firmwill give you rankings for keywords related to software engineering and add them into your pages which will boost your rankings in the short term but will make no sense to the consumer whatsoever. Instead the deliberate and random placements of keywords will irritate the consumers visiting your site who will never visit your site again resulting into lost sales and opportunities.

Instead if you worked with the SEO firms from the beginning of your site creation, then you might have a page which has correct and coherent placement of keywords. For example if the keyword is “Algorithm” then your page on “Software Engineering” might include it like “Algorithms are essential in Software Development…” .

In this way, you are integrating SEO in a natural way which while boosting the rankings of the page will also provide the users with relevant content for which they will keep coming back to your website.

Wind Up:

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