Make more use of iPhone Battery: Few Tips & Tricks

March 13, 2015

Wow, lucky you are using iPhone. Generally, it’s a status quo to use an iPhone and those who own it are usually considered rich. But, it’s rightly said “All that glitters is not gold”. This proverb is perfectly apt for iPhone users.

Reason behind this many iPhone users get really frustrated when it comes to battery life. Dead battery is the main problem of iPhone users. Yet, are there any ways to avoid this frustration and increase the iPhone’s battery life apart from using it less?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way and so yes an iPhone user can easily get more advantage from its battery and to discuss these ways, this blog post is specially designed for readers. Let’s move on.

iPhone Battery

Talking about iPhone’s Battery, it’s comparatively small as compared to the size of the iPhone. The reason Apple wants to offer more performance from the mobile hardware. If we take a look at recent version iPhone 6 battery, its size is limited to 1810 MAH.

But still, battery life is not long as desired. To make maximum use of battery and increase its life, here are some tips that can be followed:

  • Have an eye on signal strength: The main reason for quick battery draining is the low signal strength. However, one cannot do anything about it when you are in a poor signal area.
  • Suggestion: In such situations, you can switch to Airplane Mode as it stops constant network searching which really reduces the battery life. It’s advisable to use Wi-fi instead of mobile data pack whenever possible.As Wi-Fi renders a stable connection as compared to mobile internet and will avoid unnecessary efforts of searching a signal to connect to the internet.
  • No app notifications: Applications often bother you with useless update notifications which consume battery. Hardly, there are any updates or notifications that you actually want to see. So, turn off the app notifications to avoid extra battery being consumed.
  • Turning off App Notifications: Settings > Notification Center > Select the apps for which you want to turn notifications off and then select “None” in the Alert style and tap on the badge icon “ Sounds off”.
  • Alter your display settings: Display consumes the high battery power. So, always keep a setting to shut it down quickly when iPhone is not in use. This can be done with a simple “ Auto lock “ setting available in General settings.
  • Set the certain time from the given options: Let’s say “Sleep after 10 minutes of non-usage” or any such option. This will auto lock the screen when iPhone is not in use.Also, set the brightness as low as you can and increase it only when needed and this will save lot of battery power.
  • Avoid Animation backgrounds: People love to have 3D screen backgrounds. They are really amazing but when it comes to battery power, they consume it a lot. So, use a static image instead of such live backgrounds.
  • Reduce Frequent App Refreshing: People consider that switching to apps is a good way of multitasking but actually its consuming lot of power. Allowing auto app refresh is the highest cause of battery drain.Select the apps that you hardly use and turn them off. The most battery draining app is Facebook, avoid auto refreshing it.
  • Get manual emails: Push mail is mostly used by people and it depends on the number of incoming mails as well as its synchronization. Keep settings in such a way that push is sent to the server only after an email arrives.However more push emails can actually drain your battery faster. During such times, it’s advisable to keep checking after every hour. It will be useful if you check email once in a couple of hours and get it manually as this will save the power.

Wind up

With these tricks, we are sure that you can easily increase your iPhone battery life to an extent and if any of the readers is actually benefitted from this post, do share it. For more useful information, stay tuned with Softqube technologies, iPhone Apps Development Company in India.

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