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The Internet Trends of 2016

July 7, 2016

The Internet Trends of 2016

The Internet is an ever evolving market with new trends coming up every year. With the evolution of mobile devices, tablets and laptops, the number of users is increasing and showing an upward trend. Specific companies such as Mary Meeker analyze internet trends, and according to the data received until now, below are some of the trends available in its report.

Internet Trends of 2016

  1. Increase in Global Internet users: The Global Internet market has seen an increase in the number of internet users by over 3 Billion where the Asian market is mainly responsible for this increase. With over 277 users, India has surpassed US as the world’s second largest user of Internet, just behind China.
  2. Internet Growth: With the constant increase in number of Internet users, the growth of internet equipment has remained consistent over the last year. India has seen internet user growth accelerated by over 40%. However, Global usage of smart phone is slowing down by 30% and even the shipments are also slowing down at around 10-28%.
  3. Advertising over Internet: Internet Advertising is growing rapidly particularly over mobile phones. At the same time, there is also an increase in the number of advertisement blocking. About 91% of users preferred to block online adds that shows demand for development of better innovative formats for advertisement. Methods such as video and images are a popular way to capture consumers.
  4. Evolution of online brands: Most of the companies are setting up their services online and growing in popularity. Many brands are targeting market over the internet.
  5. Data privacy: One of the main challenges of current internet trends is to ensure data safety and security over internet by providing better online safety during payments and sale or purchase of goods.
  6. Flat Global Smartphone growth: Even after acceleration of internet users, if we exclude data obtained from India, currently all the Global smartphone market is on a slump and there is a growing decrease in the number of smartphone users. Android OS based mobile phone users have shown an increase compared to Windows and iOS phones.
  7. Internet Sales: It takes a lot of information in order to obtain internet sales and according to reports available online, there is a sudden decrease in the number of sales obtained over the internet.

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Conclusion: It doesn’t require a genius mind to figure out that internet has been growing and evolving with each passing year. Interesting facts can be observed from the reports obtained from 2016. The above trends show that the internet market is not going too well excluding India which is growing rapidly and occupying second place behind China in terms of internet usage. Growing trends have been seen in terms of advertising and retail sales over internet but advertisement and marketing over the internet has witnessed a downfall. This means that now market requires better and innovative strategies to market their product and services over internet and this leads to adopting methods such as Search engine optimization.

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