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Grow your B2B eCommerce Business with B2C Experiences

Grow your B2B eCommerce Business with B2C Experiences

Recently, Magento; well known B2B eCommerce platform promoted a webinar based entirely on how eCommerce business can be grown with the help of customer feedback and reviews. We always have been listening that “Customer is the King”.

This strongly applies in eCommerce sector as well. If we talk about doing business on the internet then we can say that success can be achieved easily if we adhere to the demands of the customers and what they want from our e-store.


Keeping in mind the current eCommerce trend as well as the demand of customers, one can easily achieve success in its online business. If we talk about the market share then B2B market has double the size of B2C market in United States.

As per the Forrester Research, by 2020 B2B eCommerce will top by $1.1 trillion in US and mobile traffic will get increased by 36% by 2016. Today, B2B sectors are investing more in mobile strategy. But still we wonder about the factors that actually lead to the growth of B2B eCommerce business and these are as follows:

Factors affecting Business Growth:

  • Competition
  • ROI
  • New cases
  • Cost Savings
  • Globalization

Factors that slow down your eCommerce business:

  • Improper Leadership
  • Lack of support by company leaders
  • Over emphasis on technology
  • Give more priority to heavy back end integration
  • Issues with eCommerce Channels.

If you wish to be the world’s well known B2B Company that you must entirely focus on culture, organization, technology, metrics and much more:

  • 74% buyers feel more convenient to shop online as compared to buy things from sales representative.
  • 93% buyers prefer to buy online after deciding what to buy.

Slowly, buyers’ interest towards online shopping is increasing and so businesses must go onboard sooner or later.

But the question is how to succeed in this eCommerce Field?

Here, we have listed some tips that are derived by our eCommerce Experts while working on some online business projects.

  1. Serve what customers want: Slowly, online shopping is increasing and within few years it will be the trend. So, it’s necessary for business owners to know what’s going on and what the customers want to buy from various online stores.Based on the demand, one can keep the products and provide proper customer service as well as quick response to their queries.
  2. Have a perfect eCommerce Website: For any eCommerce website, it’s necessary that its users must be easily able to access it and so always opt for a perfect eCommerce site that is easily viewed by customers and offer a proper navigation.
  3. Opt for a well known eCommerce Platform: In order to succeed, it’s necessary to have a platform that is popular in the industry and so one must opt for various eCommerce platforms like Magento that make online business work smoothly and easily.To grow the business and successfully carry out the operations, it’s necessary that your business should be established on a particular eCommerce platform.

Wind up:

So, next time when you decide to get your online business started then make sure that you refer this guide as well as learn that customer reviews and experiences are the ones that will actually help you to lead in the market.

If you need any support regarding the selection of any eCommerce platform then get in touch with Softqube Technologies, eCommerce solutions provider India.

Hari Patel

Hari Patel

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