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Web Design India: Why Text Focused Websites will Inspire you the most?
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Web Design India: Why Text Focused Websites will Inspire you the most?

While designing any website layout, typography is an important part to be considered but it is often given less importance as the maximum focus is given on CSS aspects which includes using large images and media that make bandwidth very congested.

Textual content can make a deep impact on users and can be a good way to enhance their user experience. As we all know, content is the king and it will always be. Just few good fonts can make simple looking sites attractive.

Importance of Text Based Website

So, here today we are going to discuss about some of the well known sites that give more importance to typography. If you feel that typography is the one that suites your business website then you can use it to make it attractive and draw the attention of the visitors.

Elegant typography can shine your website making it bold, creative, navigational and simple with the interactive content that gives voice to the designer’s art.

Enticing Bold Typography:

Recently, we can see websites having huge header images, large and bold typography is now widely while designing any website layout. With this it becomes easy to spread the message to as many people as possible.

Here we have listed few of the websites that make effective use of large header fonts along with various colours as well as simple useful logos to make sure that visitors can easily grasp the site’s purpose with less effort.

So, instead of using large images; one can represent the message with huge bold typography which will load the website quickly as well as draw the attention of visitors.

Few examples of websites that have replaced huge images with elegant typography:

  • Kick Point
  • Amazee Labs
  • Cirq
  • Root Studio
  • Nicola Antonazzo

Proper Content Arrangement:

Creative headings tend to catch our attention more but it is the content body that allows us to stay on the website. Make sure that the content is written properly and offers everything that the user needs. This should be one of the goals of your website.

Here we have mentioned some website examples that have arranged content in a unique way:
  • Seed conference
  • Graham Hicks
  • Franz Sans
  • Arthur Collin
  • The UX Reader
Next comes; Navigation, Sitemaps and Sign Posts:

Typography is useful when used in the header and body section of the site content. However, to provide good experience it is important that website should have a good navigation menu. Make sure that the website navigation is easy to use.

Again, here we have listed few of the websites that have proper navigation menu:
  • Yaron Schoen
  • Coloured Lines
  • Olav Bjorkoy
  • Fabian Schultz
  • Blake Allen Design
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Hope this blog post will help you to develop an amazing website which will attract several visitors. If you wish to get the website developed from experts then get in touch with Softqube Technologies, well known Web Design Company India.

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