Responsive design support: an important Feature for your Website

September 1, 2015

Every website has a different need. Hence, every website has different features which lead to the success of the website. If we talk about an eCommerce site then it sells various kinds of products and as a result, such sites may need some inventory control feature to make sure that the items listed on the website are available in the stock.

Yet irrespective of the websites features, one feature that is mandatory for all websites is the mobile friendliness as well as responsiveness. So, how responsive design is important? Here, we have mentioned some of the reasons for the same:

Why Responsive Design is Important?

  • Supports Multiple Devices: Websites are now viewed on many devices having different screen sizes. Customers view any website at different times from various devices. Hence, it is necessary that websites should work smoothly on any device.

    Similar content must be visible on all devices in order to maintain consistency in the information that is delivered to the users. This means a customer finding information about one feature must be able to read same information on another device.

    Ensuring consistency of information on all devices builds trust and they find no reason in leaving your website in mid way in their entire experience.

  • One site for every device: Instead of wasting your time and efforts in developing different websites for different devices like as one for mobile, one for desktop; it’s advisable to develop a single website for all of them.

    So, here responsive site is more useful as it is a well optimized website that can be viewed perfectly on both devices i.e. desktop as well as mobile and tablets. Having a single website makes it easier to manage the website and keep it updated.

    Developing a website using cloud based platforms; one can administer all the management of that site while still it has control over how the website appears on different devices.

  • Enhanced Search Rankings: Recently in April 2015, Google launched mobile friendly algorithm which shows that now even Google has made mandatory to have responsive websites.

    So, now website rankings also depend on how good your website performs on mobile devices and those that are not compatible with mobile may get lowered down in search results.

    Hence, responsive web design has now become an important ranking factor for SEO plans.

  • Future Scalability: This approach provides you the chance to back new devices and screens in the future. Responsive websites can be adjusted as per the need so that they can easily fit the screens.

    This shows that websites will always be ready for all the new devices that are available and that which will come in the market in coming future. All websites will be developed to suit every type of screen size.

Wind Up

Irrespective of the device used, the website goals or the target audience; responsive designs get benefited from a display that works on all screens. So, from now on when you develop a website; make sure to keep responsiveness as priority.

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