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Things we can learn from Heat Maps – Part 2

December 7, 2014

In our previous blog, we discussed some of the things that we learnt from heat maps. Today, we are going to elaborate the discussion ahead and learn some more things from heat maps. Till now ,we learnt about the website design and exact place of the content on the website so as to increase the conversion rates.

So, let’s move ahead with some more analysis carried out by heat maps

Left side of the web page is looked more by the visitors

As per the studies, it is concluded that left side of the website gets more visitor’s attention and is also looked first. Exceptions are there but usually left side get more views. So, whenever you start designing any website, keep this thing in mind to use the left side for any important notice or content such as offers, discounts, coupon codes etc.

69% of viewing time is spent on the left side of any web page.

Viewers read the content in F shaped structure

We are sure you might have never thought of this thing that how readers read the website i.e. from top to bottom, bottom to top , middle part etc . How content is read by visitors is a very minute thing to be considered and we bet that apart from Heat maps no one will be able to provide you this analysis.

So, coming to the point; readers go through the textual content of any website in an F shaped structure. This simply means that the main focus of the viewers is towards the beginning of the text. Important headlines, sub headlines are read first and only few larger parts of the content are read thoroughly.

So, the first two paragraphs in the beginning must be as much informative as possible containing all possible important and useful information that draws the attention of the visitors and tempts them to stay there till the entire website content is finished.

It should be such that the visitors should get lost in your content and must be so deeply involved that they don’t love to quit your website in the middle. It should be much interesting and not boring.
For this, the content must be made attractive including bullet points, paragraphs, subtitles etc. F shaped structure is only valid for textual content and not picture based web pages. Image based web pages are viewed in an horizontal manner.

F shaped Heat Maps

Avoid Banner Blindness

No part of your banner should be ignored by the visitor. So, avoid creating banners that look like advertisements because it is a normal tendency of viewers to ignore advertisements and all those things that seem like advertisements.

So, avoid using such formats. Those who are concerned only to get information will definitely ignore the advertisements and will be entirely focused on the content of their interest. In order to avoid banner blindness, it is recommended to get in touch with any remarkable online marketing service provider like Softqube technologies who also deals with SEO related website designing.

Wind Up

These are some of the more topics discussed here. WE will definitely share more details with you in our upcoming blogs. Stay connected with us to get latest SEO updates every day.

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