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Custom Software Development – 7 Evolving Trends in Software Development

November 7, 2015

Custom Software Development – 7 Evolving Trends in Software Development

To manage business smoothly, it is necessary to have required softwares which can help you to keep the data in proper format as well as maintain it for long time. Different business has different needs.

For instance, if you running a hotel then hotel management software is must for you. In the same manner, to manage customer data in an efficient way; it is necessary to have perfect customer management software or we can say CRM. Now, as we all know IT industry is evolving by leaps and bounds; we can see constant trends in different fields like as custom software development and more. There’s a lot of difference between a fade and a trend.

Trends affect multiple industries and markets and hence these are very important for software professionals. Recently, some new trends have emerged in software development which we are going to discuss here.

Custom Software Development

So, let’s begin:

  • Mobile is now the centre when it comes to development: In April 2015, a new mobile friendly algorithm was released by Google which ranks websites only if they are compatible with the device that is used by the customers may be mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop and more.This has increased the work load of developers. Now, mobile will be on the minds of all developers as the number of mobile searches have increased as compared to that of normal searches in various countries like Japan and America.
  • Single Page Applications: As time changes, the need and requirements change. So, now there is no need of bulky websites. Currently Single Page applications are more popular as these allow you to load single HTML Page which is dynamically updated and refreshed when you interact with it.The creation of this responsive and streamlined website mostly relies on JavaScript.
  • Cloud Computing: With this trend; one can easily access the data anywhere anytime. Every type of gadget now has this application. Using this trend, same data can be accessed on different devices without having the need to carry it with you or in case you forget the things.Cloud Computing professionals are now high in demand.
  • The Internet of Things: You don’t use internet from one device, you use it from several devices. We can say that various devices are connected to the Internet servers, clouds and more. This is a development known as Internet of Things.With the increase in the use of IoT, software developers have to be vigilant and identify how to properly programme the devices so that users can easily control them.
  • Sensors and Scanners: So, what are sensors and what are scanners? In simple language, we can say sensors are those that collect the data by themselves and scanners are those that need users’ action.While using scanners, things are to be programmed by the user and in sensors these are programmed automatically.
  • Wearable Technology: Today is the era of wearable technology. We can see different companies like as Apple, Pebble, Moto 360 and LG developing wearable devices like as Smart Watch.Previously, developers just had to develop applications for mobile but now software developers also have to create applications and services for these wearable devices as well. Most of these devices are based on complex algorithms.
  • Security: The more you are connected the more security concerns you will have. Security software is required to safeguard new technologies. Companies all over the world are now concerned about increasing mobile experience.As a result, days are very near when iOS and Android app developers will not have time to peep anywhere. They will just be busy with the work. Technologies can be used only if they are properly protected. Let’s say if your business model includes software development then this is advisable to design and create things as per the trends as this will help you to have qualitative products that run for longer period of time. One can ignore the previous features but trends are the ones that must be utilized in effective manner to sustain in this competitive world.

Wind Up

So, if you are thinking of getting any custom software developed for your business like as Hotel management system, customer relationship manager, enterprise resource planning , Student management system, document management system or any such other customized software that makes your work easy then it is advisable to keep in mind the related trends.

Based on those trends, you can get the software developed from experts like as Softqube Technologies, custom Software development Company India that excels in developing every kind of software as per the need of the client.

So, get in touch with us today and share your requirements with us. We will be happy to help you and serve you in every way we can.

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