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Recovery Site from Grisly SEO Mess- Part 2

January 15, 2015

Hello Friends, in our first part we discussed about some of the SEO techniques that will help the experts to take the website out from a very badly affected SEO condition. Those techniques will assist them but are not enough. So, here we have come up with few more of them in order to provide complete assistance to SEO experts as it will support them to assist their clients in a perfect professional SEO manner.

Let’s move ahead with some more of these SEO techniques

What we discussed previously was about five main SEO elements that must be perfect for website to refrain from being affected by Google updates. This was the topic where we ended our session and so now let’s continue:

Result Oriented SEO Techniques

  • Know the mobile site issues:
    As we know, today most of the people surf internet on their handheld devices like mobile, tablet etc. It has become the need of the hour to have mobile friendly website and in 2015, this is going to be mandatory.
    Mobile Site Technical Issue

    Due to some mobile site issues such as maximum loading time, non access to the page content, improper view of images and many more. Chances are there that these issues may affect the website and as a result it is frequently affected by Google updates.

  • Fix the priority issues:
    Properly understand the five main elements of SEO: Quality, Uniqueness, Authority, Relevance and Trust and fix the issues accordingly.

    Also, refer to Google Analytics to know the crawl efficiency of any web page as well as its page processing.

  • Improve the Website Speed:
    Develop a goal that helps us to improve the website speed. Its okay if the goal is not achieved at least we can reach near to the target. As a site owner, we must check whether the goals are achieved or what must be done to avoid websites having speed issues.

    Certain processes such as Google APIs, Google themes, Google user content etc must be checked and necessary eliminations should be done.

  • Clear code:
    Our website coding must be perfect and clear. Yes, it’s not necessary to have 100% validated code however the thing is code should be error free and then this will avoid any potential processing delays. Cleaner code is one of the important points in order to improve the website speed.
  • Make the process more efficient:
    Efficiency of a website is one of the important things that must be taken care of. Tools that help to improve this efficiency are Google Webmaster Tools, Google Page Speed insights and more.

With these tools, we need to make enough efforts in research as well as website testing in order to make sure that real issues are addressed properly. Sometimes it’s necessary to solve minor problems to fix a bigger issue.

Apart from this, there’s more work to be done and the process doesn’t end here. Few more things are required to bring the smooth SEO working again. So, this is not the end however it confirms that the major issues can be easily fixed.

Wind Up

We love to assist our readers and so every possible technique is discussed. More are yet to come. So, stay updated with Softqube Technologies, SEO Services Company India to know about latest facts and SEO techniques.

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