PHP Web Development: New Version of YII PHP Framework Released
PHP Web Development: New Version of YII PHP Framework Released

PHP Web Development: New Version of YII PHP Framework Released

Updates, updates and updates; Be it SEO, Php Web Development, Web design, Application development or any corner of the IT sector; none of this is empty without updates. Every now and then, you can new things arriving in each and every part.

If we discuss about the latest versions then mostly there are news of new version release, be it in PHP or in mobile app development. Yesterday, YII PHP Framework new version was released. To make PHP better and better, new versions keep on arriving so as it can never get outdated and that is why we think that it is one of the most popular web development programming language used for web application development.

Now, we are here to discuss about the recently released new version of YII PHP framework – YII version2.0.2.

Some insights about YII2.0.2

It is one of the PHP powerful frameworks that contain unique features that were missing in previous versions. Yes, of course every new version has some features available which are unavailable in the previous ones and so it’s known as new version release.

YII version 2.0.2 is the most powerful PHP Framework enriched with maximum useful features in order to enhance web development process. This framework was originally released on 11th January 2015 however now it is completely available for downloads and can be installed in the system in order to upgrade the current website or create a new one.

YII is the acronym for “Yes It Is” – an open source PHP web application development framework that basically depends on MVC – model view controller. The main aim behind developing this framework was to overcome all the drawbacks of an object oriented framework known as PHP Rapid Application Development Object oriented.

YII is developed as a replacement for PRADO (PHP Rapid Application Development Object Oriented). The main weakness of the previous framework was its inability to handle complicated web pages and to overcome this weakness, YII framework came into existence.

PHP Web Development
The newly launched YII 2.0.2 is perfect substitute for rapid PHP development framework as it is quick, reliable, secure and a must use professional platform for developing fully featured web2.0 applications.

Features of New Release

Not just one or two, this new version of YII has in total 40 new features that can be hardly seen in any other PHP Framework. Here, we are going to discuss only a few of them:

  • Route Alias: This framework supports route aliases along with aliases that represent URLs and file destinations. To support route aliases, method used is Url::to() and Url::toRoute() where in the first one is used to develop a route and second one is used as a route reference.
  • Dependent Component Configuration: This feature of YII2.0.2 is used for testing the web application that directly forms a property with configuration array.
  • Static Slug: A new property known as Immutable Slug is available in YII2.0.2 which when changed to “true” and then the slug will remain static. This property is very useful from SEO point of view as it helps to keep a published URL static and avoids getting it changed.
  • New Widget- DatePicker: This widget supports language substitute. It is useful while configuring language property.
  • Transfer of Validation Errors: This new framework features a new method addErrors( ) that is used to shift the validation errors from one model to another.

Wind Up

These and many other features of YII 2.0.2 are worthy of appreciation which helps to develop powerful and quality web applications easily and quickly. Hope this version will be useful to anyone who is in the field of developing web applications using PHP framework.

For more guidance on how to use this version, get in touch with PHP Web Development experts at Softqube Technologies.

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