What’s Going on in Tech World? Some Very Important Things That You Might Have Missed

October 25, 2015

Tech world keeps on updating itself and every time we get familiar with some updates which can be helpful for our business. Here, we have listed few important things that took place in the tech world and these can be important for your business.

So, let’s take a look at these updates:

  • Amazon now takes action against fake reviews: Amazon.com filed a suit against people who have posted fake product reviews just to increase product sales. The online retailer has gone for legal action in Seattle court against 1,114 unknown defendants.

    These are those who have created fake reviews for a particular product in order to boost its sales. The process was initiated in April whose result is seen now. Amazon identified a group of websites who were selling fake product reviews.

    For any business, it is good to get positive reviews on websites like as Amazon and Yelp and for this reason; most of the merchants tend to break rules but one should not do this because a real thing is always real where fake things are always fake and they are caught sometime.

  • Google obtained 360 degree photography start up to intensify Street view: Recently, Google acquired Digisfera; a firm that focuses on panoramic images. The employees of this firm will soon join with Google in
    the Street View team and will develop images that will provide complete 360 degree photography of street views.

    Google Street View

    Google maps as we all know; is the widely used application by all. Getting found on Google Maps is not enough in fact it is necessary that you should be visible. Smart merchants and other business owners pay a little extra to hire certified Google Street View photographer in order to take 360 views of their businesses.

    This will help customers to take a inside look and now enhancing Street view will be a part of your digital marketing strategy in 2016.

  • Google tries to get back Microsoft defectors with Free Software: MS office is most popular among people. In fact, at present I am using MS Word to write this document. Now, Google is planning to hit Microsoft on this lucrative office software and this will highly affect Microsoft.

    Google has adopted a strategy of targeting those companies and customers who are using complete Microsoft suite such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet, email calendar and more and then it will ask companies to leave this current package and in return Google will offer a free package known as “Google for Work” available only for $5 to $10 per month which will include all of these softwares.

    This offer will be available for next six months only in U.S.A and then slowly be applicable in other countries. Also, Google is ready to pay up to $75,000 to every company whosoever is planning to switch the software. Pretty big deal, isn’t it? But not that big for Google!

    So, beware anytime you can be contacted by Google to leave MS Office and join G Office (that is the term I have created). But, if you take my opinion then in any one I am not going to leave MS office because of its features and ease of use.

    Yes, depending on your needs; you can decide what to choose because I am sure the Word document which will be offered by Google won’t have that many facilities as available in MS Word after all experience matters!

    Still, choice is yours. Opt for the one that makes your work smooth and easy because this is a never ending battler where Microsoft loses customers who are Google lovers and hence its new version MS Office 16 has lots of cloud based features and functionalities.

    Keeping watching both the sides for better offers, features and discounts!

  • Introducing New Robotic Gripper and Vision System: One of the well known British design and Development Company has developed a new robotic system which can differentiate and select the fruits having different varieties, shapes, sizes and colours.

    This system is used to train the robots to identify and sort out complex tasks like as picking irregular organic items such as sorting various fruits and vegetables or removing weeds from crops.

    The hands of the robot are developed in such a way that they easily get adjusted with the shape of fruits and gets the hold of it without letting it damaged. Further, fruits can also be separated based on colour.

    These machines can be costly but as time passes; prices will go down and within few decades such gripper and vision systems which can get the products, test them and sort them will be common very soon.

    So, be prepared to invest in such machineries if you belong to any of the industry where sorting is an important task because these machines will make this task very easy.

  • Twitter now needs its developers back: This year was really tough for twitter. It didn’t have good relations with its developers. But now, it needs the developers back and so it is involved in serving them by fulfilling their needs.

    We can say that nowdays; Twitter is busy in improving its developer community because without proper development it may crash. Hence, lots of opportunities are available for creative developers who wish to showcase their ideas.

    Get in touch with Twitter today; if you really feel that you have that creative person inside you who can shine out by developing various tools and addons for this well known messaging service.

Brief Note

This completes the tech news. Hope you find this post interesting because you got to know lots of new things. We think some of these can be useful to you in near future. So, keep in mind these and wherever possible; you can use them in your business as and when applicable.

For more such tech updates, keep visiting our blog. Here, you will get all the latest updates regarding every IT field.

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