10 Important Web Design Trends for 2016

December 16, 2015

10 Important Web Design Trends for 2016

Till IT sector is running and alive, the need for website will remain. Every day, new businesses are venturing towards online business and as a result, the demand for professional websites is increasing.

There are many publishers who discover new design trends every year. These trends are used to make website successful. Well, before these trends are revealed; meta study is conducted which brings the most useful predictions from all over the web.

So, the main thing is to take a look at trends and then apply them in the real market. Today, in this blog post we are going to discuss about certain trends that can be followed to develop an updated website.

Important Web Design Trends of 2016:

  1. Web design with fewer interfaces and more union: UX design provides a clear description of these trends. The website union arrives through extensive libraries of interactive design patterns.

    Till the time, your service design is in need of interaction; we can say that convention is already available. If you make things familiar with the user then he/she can easily understand the things.

    At present, we can see the trend of push messaging and changing the content to fit the mobile devices. When artificial intelligence improves; content and services are already recommended.

    This reduces the customer journey thus allowing concentrating on similar interfaces.

  2. Originality is Important: 2016 will give more importance to originality. This is something that agencies must do for their clients irrespective of whether it is done sensitively or whether it is for rigid website elements.

    Animation and Video backgrounds will be used partly due to their desire to look unique. Such elements are considered as divisive design elements. Illustrations and animations are still to be used as a trend in 2016.

  3. Using creative hover states: It is necessary to simplify the need for accent. This can be used as creative hover state which helps the user to identify the parts of a small layout that are easily clickable.

    These interactions are very much enjoyable as these are directly intended for desktop. Some of the well known hover states are as follows:

    • Kinght rider hover state
    • Dynamic hover state on Ghost button
    • Burger button expands on a click and shows a slide out call to action button.
  4. Content in the centre: It is something obvious but hardly have we discussed about the same. It is used keeping in mind the mobile friendly design as well as the convergence of templates.

    The sites that have decided to make use of minimal homepage design with a fair amount of pages under the fold are generally prioritised as message, top and centre. The main message is accompanied with a visual GIF and a strong texture colour.

    Such importance offers a clear message that is used to characterise websites with little content but some people easily adopt their boldness which shows that distinctive branding can get the attention as well as boost the dwelling time.

    A well known brand LUSH has used this approach in eCommerce where they changed the main image and messages every month instead of using a dated carousel which automatically changes the dates.

  5. Full Screen Forms: Keeping in mind the mobile centric design, full screen forms are in demand. These can be in the form of checkouts or search fields. The main aim is to focus on the user doing some tasks at hand and increasing its use as well as subsequent conversions.
  6. Convincing Photography: When you talk about online business; the fact is that people are unable to touch and feel the product before purchasing as they do it in online stores.

    This limitation can be covered by using original and real pictures of the product that will help the customer to take its buying decision. Further, it can also help customers to know about the product and its features.

    Hence, the images that you use must be creatively inspired as well as must get efficiently loaded with high resolution. A website must have high speed so that it can perform well even though it has high quality images.

  7. Sans Serif Headings with Large Body Text: Nowdays, Sans serif photography is in trend as it befits the larger text on minimal designs. Everywhere, body text is increasing in its size as businesses lose the old architecture and move from 10 pts size to something which is more similar to medium clarity.

    This website is the best example of large body text:

  8. Few Scripts: More scripts make the page heavier. In order to reduce the load time of images; third party scripts are used in some sites. It’s very difficult to reduce scripts; hence readers will hope advertising and tracking technology can be easily streamlined.
  9. Sliders are no longer used: Sliders are basically distracters and these make page heavier. As a result, their usage is reduced to an extent. Still there are many businesses that ask for a slider and then they get confused what must be added in it.

    When the slider makes up the homepage above the fold then only they can work better. So, things regarding sliders will be sorted out in 2016.

  10. Using Bolder Ad formats: Native advertising will be used widely by publishers. Hence, using advertiser data and cross device tracking must allow impactful ads that allow publishers to reduce scale and improve UX.
    This means less chaos on mobile as well as desktop.

Wind Up:

So, these are some of the web design trends that one must keep in mind while developing a website in 2016. It will help you to develop an updated website. So, make sure to do some research about more of such trends and then develop a plan accordingly.

Would you like to receive some guidance from experts or wish to hire an expert website designer then you can get in touch with Softqube Technologies; where experts are ready to meet the needs of their clients.

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