Some Well Known Plug-Ins of Zen Cart Which are Recently Launched
Some Well Known Recently Launched Zen Cart Plug-Ins

Some Well Known Recently Launched Zen Cart Plug-Ins

Among the widely used shopping carts in various eCommerce stores, one of them is Zen Cart. It is one of the most popular shopping carts used by most of the eCommerce websites.

Till now, we might be aware about its features that have made Zen cart; the most useful shopping cart software. Well, to revise our knowledge these are as follows:

Features of Zen Cart:

  • Easily Customizable
  • Quick Payment Gateway Integration
  • Can work with any hosting company
  • Use your own domain name
  • Can be run immediately
  • Start Accepting Payments quickly

So, these were some of the useful features of Zen Cart that add value to it.

Here, in this blog post we will take a look at some of the plug-ins that is launched recently in Zen Cart to make things more easy going.

These are as follows:

  1. Tagove Live Chat Software: Online shopping has become a trend now days; be it a small thing or huge furniture set, everything people love to buy online. There are people who wish to get their problems solved by any custome representative at the moment itself.

    Zen Cart Plug Ins

    Nearly 83% of buyers need online assistance while shopping to complete the checkout process. In order to offer an effective yet helpful chat experience that help customers to make their shopping easy; Plug-ins like Tagove Live Chat are used.

    Features of this plugin:

    • Easily adoptable to mobile devices
    • Proactive Chat
    • Live Video Chat
    • Live Voice Call
    • Advanced Analytics
    • Co Browsing Software
    • Live Call Recording
    • And Lots more….
  2. Reviews Reply: It is yet another useful plugin from Zen cart which offers quick and easy space for writers to reply to customers reviews. These replies can be edited in the Edit review admin screen.

    The reply is displayed under the review text on every individual review page. The reply space will be seen only on the customer side of the store once the reply has been added.

    It supports Zen Cart version V1.5.1, v.1.5.4

  3. Set Language Status: This is one of the Zen Cart modules that is used to activate the language used in the store. Hence, if a language is no longer available then one can disable it by deleting it from the database.

    Languages can be easily enabled and disabled from the language page in the admin section.

  4. Printable Price List: This plug-in is popular because of some features like as easy to fit the page size using CSS. Various admin settings on what to print and how to print.

    Various profiles, optional notes fields that can be used as an inventory list for example.

  5. Short Category Descriptions: It is a Zen Cart module that allows you to split the category descriptions into two parts. One part is for products and sub categories and another is used After Products or sub categories.

    It also includes “more info”…. Link directly after the first description so that your customers can “jump” down to secondary description. This add on will be useful to all the people who have very long category descriptions and who never want that their customers face any difficulty in finding the products.

    This plugin is used for Zen Cart version v1.5.5

Take Away:

Well these are some of the plug-ins and modules of Zen cart that can be used to enhance user experience. We will definitely be back with few more of these. For more such details, stay tuned with Softqube Technologies that offers cost effective eCommerce solutions with great expertise.

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