5 Drupal Modules that Make Web Development Easier

June 6, 2015

5 Drupal Modules that Make Web Development Easier

When it comes to web development, there are several platforms available like as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and more. Today, we are going to discuss about some of the Drupal modules that are useful to make web development an easier task.

Drupal is one of the content management systems that is completely different from Joomla and WordPress. It is used to develop well configured websites that perform very nicely and in a perfect manner.

The reason for it being so popular is because it is developed around the nodes which include content of various types. Drupal can be used by developers who believe in quickly developing the websites and hence Drupal modules are widely popular.

Some of the modules that make development process an easier task:

Drupal modules are very simple and easy to use. Expert web developers might be aware of this thing as these are the ones that make Drupal a well known CMS. So, let’ move on:

  • Back up & Migrate: The most important thing that every website developer is in search of is the backup system. Whenever any content management system is used, the first thing that is taken care of is the backup system.

    The CMS having robust backup system through which websites can be restored easily and quickly is the one that is highly popular and Drupal’s Back up & Migrate module perfectly serves the purpose. One can do instant site backup or schedule it at a later date.

  • Context: It’s believed that website is said to be professional when every web page has a uniform look but certain pages in the website need to have different look and feel. For example: Home Page must be unique from other pages.

    Prior to this module, Drupal developers had to set different appearance for different web pages and Context has made this thing an easy job as it allows the developers to define various contexts for a website and manage how these contexts should control the different parts of the site.

  • Custom Contextual Links: With certain content management systems, developing website is quite long process. This process becomes extensively short when one uses Drupal’s Custom Contextual links module.

    With this module, it becomes damn easy to develop a website without even finding the Drupal’s admin tools.

  • Delta: This module allows to adjust theme settings as per the need depending on the node types, context or group of paths and then these adjustment settings can be saved in the module itself and can be displayed when any particular context of the website is displayed.

    It allows you to create custom themes which can be used in context when needed. This module is somewhat similar to Context but more advanced that it.

  • Display Suite: For Drupal site admins, the most challenging task is to create more interesting way to lay out pages as content here is distributed in boxes and nodes. It is usually done by using template files and configuring them.

    Display Suite is a module which allows you to quickly employ custom layout settings to the entire website and also to individual articles. Depending on the Drupal version, the nodes can also be altered.

Wind Up

Hence, with these modules it becomes very easy to use Drupal as a content management system and develop business websites on this platform. If you wish to get Drupal web design and development done from experts then get in touch with Softqube Technologies, well known Drupal Web development company India.

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