Use Big Data to Improve Website SEO

November 15, 2015

Use Big Data to Improve Website SEO

Big data is used in various industries. In a very simple definition; we can say that Big data means any data set which is too large to process using normal methods like Excel Spreadsheet, PowerPoint or text processors and needs parallel software running on thousands of servers then that data is to be called Big Data.

Most of us interact with Big Data and one such good example of Big data is Internet. One can use big data to boost the overall business. Let’s take a look at how Big Data can be useful to improve the website’s SEO.

Big Data for SEO

Apart from following necessary SEO best practices as per the ability. It is necessary to find the creative ways to boost your efforts for better results and to stay ahead of competitors. An important part of Big data is to identify the creative ways to get insights to help you make smart business decisions. One cannot however get the useful insights without necessary tools.

Hence, one needs to keep an open mind with various tools available and be flexible in their use as long as the need of data arises in the business. The SEO aim should be:

  • Know the target audience and know in what they are actually interested in.
  • With the help of this knowledge, one can strategically position oneself via organic search.

Here are some Big Data tools that can help you at every stage:

  1. Know your biggest Competitors: One of the best ways to know who your audience is to use the Big Data tools like as Google Search. Everybody might be familiar with this tool. Just open Google in the browser and type the most primary keyword there.

    Don’t worry if you are unsure of the primary keywords, you can write whatever comes to your mind. Then, write about top 10 websites in the organic section of search results. These are your biggest organic competitors.

    Take a look at the paid ads above and below search results. Write down the top 10 results. In case you are unable to find any paid ad then that keyword is of no use and it won’t yield any profit.

  2. Find your ideal keywords: Now, how will you be sure that you have the right keywords. Here, you can use the Big Data tool known as SEMRush. It is a paid SEO tool however during initial stages; the free version can be used.

    Type in the biggest competitor’s website and you will be able to see the list of competitors in the same niche. Now, you can identify the most important keywords to identify the ones which are related to your business.

    Other such useful big data tools are Google Adwords, Keywords Planner, Amazon, eBay and ClickBank.

    These tools will help you to get more keywords and know exactly what the customers want.

  3. Know your ideal audience: Know who your actual audience is and where can you find them. Know the specific location of your ideal audience, their age, interests etc and find whether they are consumers or other businesses.

    Let’s say if you are the dealer of readymade garments then your audience will be people who prefer to wear readymade clothes including men, women and children. Again, here is the specific category; for some only specialize in men’s clothes. So, based on your business niche you can select the audience.

    Some examples of Big Data tools are Similar Web, Alexa, QuantCast, Compete and So on. Talking about Quanta Cast; it is a tool to provide you the list of competitors and enter into Quanta Cast’s search box.

    One can get lot of information including demographic, audience interest and geographic information. Make sure to click on each of the tabs for deeper insights. On Alexa, you will get more data.

    Here, one will be able to identify the top keywords from search engines and the sites that link to the competitors. So, in case if there are any gaps then Alexa fills them.

  4. Optimize your Website: You are now aware about your Audience and what they really want to do or where you can find them. This complete information can be used to optimize the website for search engines.

    Keep the keywords around your website, in your Meta tags and web content apart from just text written over images. Search engine spiders cannot read the text on the images. Hence, it is advisable to write proper text on the webpage about the infographic content.

    Or the infographic will not be optimized for search engines and the ideal audience will not be able to find it on Google.

    One can also focus on where the ideal audience hangs out. Using Big data is to get perfect information which can be used to improve business.

Wind Up

Let the big data work for you. For more of such updates, stay tuned with us. We love to keep our readers updated with latest hip and happenings of the industry.

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