The Most Preferred Software Development Methodology – Agile

September 4, 2014

Software development methodology is a framework used to manage, plan and control the entire procedure of developing an information system. Here, we have listed some of the software development methodologies that are preferred the most and one of them is Agile:

List of Preferred Software Development Methodologies:

  • Agile Software Development
  • Crystal Methods
  • Dynamic systems Development Model
  • Joint Application Development
  • Rational Unified Process
  • Scrum
  • Systems Development Life Cycle
  • And many more….

Let’s have some brief idea about the well known software development method – Agile Software Development:

A conceptual framework for dealing in to software engineering projects is a method known as Agile Software development. As discussed, there are enormous other software development methodologies yet Agile is different.
Agile methods have minimal risk as compared to other methods, as softwares are developed in short timeboxes known as iterations which are useful only for one to four weeks. A single iteration serves as a small scale project of its own and consists of all the tasks such as increase in newer functionalities like planning, analysis, design, coding and testing.

An agile software project endeavours to be capable of launching new software at the end of each emphasis where project priorities are re examined by the entire team.

The main advantage is that Agile methods concentrate more on real time communication particularly face to face or with written documents. Most of these software development teams are available in a building and have sufficient staff consisting of people who are needed to complete the entire software.

Particularly the team consists of developers, designers and product managers, business analysts as well as real customers who are going to use the software developed through Agile Software development method. Technical writers, management team, graphic and web designers also are include in the team.

However, if we compare this method with others then we can say that face to face communication is preferred the most as compared to paper documentation and it serves working software as a primary measure of progress.

Basic Principles of Agile Software Development Approach:

  • Lead to maximum customer satisfaction by quickly delivering the useful software.
  • Always welcomes changes
  • Frequent delivery of softwares that are in working condition
  • Proper coordination between customers and developers
  • Developed by trustworthy individuals
  • Face to face is the preferable form of communication
  • Active software is the primary measure for progress
  • Proper concentration to technical design and relevant know how
  • Self organizing teams
  • Easily gets adapted to latest updates and circumstances

Values of this method:

  • Values individuals and interactions over tools and processes
  • Active software against expansive documents
  • Values coordination between customers against negotiating various contracts.
  • Values adapting to change instead of blindly following the age old rules.

So, we think that now we have provided you sufficient information about well known software development processes and also you might have got a brief idea about Agile software development approach and its use. To know more about how this method can be used to develop the necessary softwares, get in touch with the leading company like Softqube Technologies who provide you the best services for development of custom software.

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