Top Trends and Features You Must Adopt in Education Software Development in 2024
Top Trends and Features You Must Adopt in Education Software Development in 2024

Top Trends and Features You Must Adopt in Education Software Development in 2024

Learning is an ongoing pursuit. People absorb knowledge whenever they have a spare moment, not considering typical rigid schedules. All they need is a user-friendly tool that can fulfill their sole necessity to infuse learning effortlessly into their daily lives. In the year 2021, education software accumulated 10.85 bn dollars in revenue, continuing this trend, the growth is estimated to reach 11.6 bn dollars by 2025. ERP systems for schools are now creating a phenomenal change in the way students consume new information at any time, place, or format as per their convenience.

At Softqube Technologies, we have transformed educational institutions into digital learning hubs by providing robust software development services. Recently, we have developed higher education ERP systems for students and teachers, enabling a seamless flow of knowledge, crucial information, and high volumes of data handling. We take you to some of the top trends that are set to come in education software solutions development in this blog.

Trends in Education Software Development in 2024

Trends in Education Software Development in 2024

Hybrid Learning

It is a combination of offline learning with online format. Post-pandemic this trend was seen in the public education institutions. Teachers use online techniques for educating students and schoolchildren.

Infusing Practice in Studies

Practicing the learning theories is effective as it gives the students rapid opportunity to hone their skills after they learn. This trend is more relevant in the field of IT as finding jobs in IT is not enough. One needs to upskill from time to time. You need to constantly grow develop and specialize in your core domain.



Education software development will introduce innovative techniques of learning. One such is microlearning. There will be a set of formats or modules in which information is presented in a concentrated and organized way. People who are highly educated would want to upgrade their existing skills for career growth. Microlearning will help them sharpen their in-depth knowledge of their areas of interest.


Learning is now considered a method to engage and educate students with joy. Adding gaming features to the learning process will help students learn with outstanding experiences. It goes with either the structural or a content pattern, and in both ways, it gives innovative learning experiences.

Getting Big Data Into the Learning Environment

Education needs to be customized so that every student’s unique needs are fulfilled. With the use of big data, schools can provide individual learning experiences to all students. Big data enhances education systems and integrates high volumes of information to drive learners’ participation. It is empowering the process of creating customized learning experiences.

E-Learning is the Future

Students are now turning to mobile learning educational systems. This is becoming a way of life. In 2026, e-learning is projected to value $336.98 billion worldwide. By collaborating with an e-learning software development service partner, you can help students improve their academic performance, the way they interact, and their overall learning outcomes. With e-learning programs, students can gain confidence in interacting with their peers and in community chats. E-learning is gradually redefining education, learning, and the way humans interact.

VR-Based and AR-Based Learning

VR-Based and AR-Based Learning

The EdTech sector is evolving with the power of AR and VR-based learning. Instructors can make their lessons more interesting and entertaining. Students can now get immersive learning experiences and work on complex subjects like physics, chemistry, and mathematics. These technologies can explain the most crucial and general concepts more practically and interestingly.

AI in Education

AI has human-like abilities, assisting individuals to develop efficient learning management systems. With AI-based tools, students can access technologies that will evaluate their performance and conduct self-assessments according to their skills. With AI-based chatbots, instructors can achieve goals for the students like responding to frequent questions and monitoring their routine tasks.

Effective Learning Management System

Several educational institutions still work on paper-based processes. To simplify these internal operations, you can hire educational software development services to create custom LMS software that can handle resources and operations effectively. Outsourcing custom education software development companies will help institutions build robust education software solutions that can meet their unique needs. Numerous educational institutions require effective learning management systems that can help them manage various schedules, take care of assessment and grading, collaboration, student data, enrollment, task management, teacher training, and much more.

Top Features of Our Education Software Development

Our Softqube Technologies team has been in the market of education software development for over a decade. We have created several projects and we provide innovative and productive features that can help improve schools and other educational institutions in providing better services and performing daily workflows. We put our skills, knowledge, and abilities into the project to enhance your business.

Top Features of Our Education Software Development

The last educational project that we worked on was for ORATARO. We created this classroom mobile application that is a smart communication platform exclusively developed for students, parents, and teachers. It gives real-time updates on scenarios such as class activities, homework, academic calendars, circulars, progress updates, and group discussions.

Homework Updates in Real-Time

The app provides real-time communication between students, teachers, and parents. This is a unique platform where teachers seamlessly update parents on homework and classwork. Parents remain aware of the student’s academic performance and can provide them with adequate support to improve their children’s education.

Test and Exam Schedule Calendar

Tracking the test and exam schedules without any online ERP system is difficult. With Softqube, we provided our client with a robust ERP education software system that kept the members updated on the test and exam schedules. With the push notifications students and parents remain well-prepared for the next assignments keeping them away from undue stress and confusion.

Student Collaboration with Engaging Experiences

This feature broke the conventional educational pattern by offering a comprehensive platform for the students to engage and interact with their peers. The students can also get the course materials and can study the course content with the regular course progress updates. They can share such information on their social media platform.

Material Downloading

The application helped students download tests and exam papers for practice at home. With this feature, students develop higher retention and endorse concept understanding of the entire course material enabling improved academic performance. Hence, overall it promotes active learning and communication.

Powerful Learning Management System

The application developed a robust LMS platform that contains an independent portal for teachers, and parents, question banks, and class timetables for the members to refer to.

Ideal Social Interaction Platform

Our education software provides an ideal social interaction platform for the students where they can effortlessly share albums and pictures of important study materials with their groups and community friends. It encourages them to collaborate and remain active within the educational ecosystem and empower themselves within the community. We created a dedicated social media platform within the software that included several features like social wall, status, photo/album, idea and collection, brainstorming, and live chat.

Multiple Dashboards

There are multiple dashboards for members belonging to different groups like Admin, Staff, Teacher, Parents, and Students. Hence, with this, the institution can manage separately all the activities avoiding any confusion and chaos.

How can Softqube Technologies help you Build Custom ERP Software?

How can Softqube Technologies help you Build Custom ERP Software?

Softqube Technologies can help you design perfect ERP systems for schools and plan a robust business strategy for your educational institution. We make the development process transparent, predictable, and understandable for our clients. For this we:

  • Investigate your idea and guide you on the timing and cost of the application
  • Keep a strict reporting system helping you know the project activities and their progress
  • Work in iterations using agile methodologies, managing the development time with the best tools
  • Offer affordable education software development services
  • Deliver all in one integrated solution for your business
  • Create a web-based and mobile-based application

As the world of digital technology progresses rapidly, staying up with advanced educational strategies is important. Embracing flexibility, development, and efficiency is the way to adopt futuristic technologies. Connect with the right education software development company like Softqube, serving diverse education institutions with smart education apps. Connect with us or visit our website to learn more about our services.


Enter the future of education with Softqube Technologies’ groundbreaking EdTech solutions. As a global leader in digital education, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing the learning experience with our state-of-the-art educational software, ERP systems, and LMS solutions. Our expertise extends across various educational sectors, including private schooling, government institutions, and private coaching, ensuring a tailored approach to every educational need.

Delve into our success stories that showcase our prowess in the EdTech domain. The ORATARO School Management ERP is a prime example of our innovative approach, offering comprehensive management solutions that streamline school operations while enhancing the educational process. This platform reflects our commitment to developing solutions that are not just technologically advanced but also user-friendly and impactful.

Another feather in our cap is the BrainFlex360 case study, which highlights our expertise in creating robust Learning Management Systems. This project demonstrates our ability to tailor digital learning platforms for diverse needs, including corporate learning environments. BrainFlex360 stands as a testament to our skill in crafting solutions that are both effective and adaptable to the evolving demands of the education sector.

At Softqube Technologies, we’re not just creating tools; we’re crafting the future of education. Join us in our journey towards an enlightened tomorrow, powered by innovative technology and unparalleled expertise.

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Satish Thummar

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