Smart Phones Have Now Become The Preferred Device To Be Online

August 12, 2015

Smart Phones Have Now Become The Preferred Device To Be Online

Smartphones – Which countries are adopting technology quickly? The answer to this question will be United Kingdom, United States etc. When we wish to get any technological updates, our eyes are on the tech updates from these countries.

If we talk about smart phone usage for browsing and surfing then UK web users are the ones who consider smartphone as one of the important device to be online. Nearly 3rd percent of UK internet users actually rely on smartphone to use internet.

Smartphone preference shows a drastic change in last year’s report when the proportion of smartphone users was very close to 22 percent while remaining 40 percent still opt for laptops.

According to the British report; 66% people own a smartphone and surf internet for nearly two hours per day. This makes use of faster mobile networks. 4G subscriptions increased to 23.6 million by the year end.


Apart from the ones described above, few other observations are as follows:

  • 4G leading to increase in mobile usage: Now, 4G/ LTE devices are used more in general with their smart phones than those without 4G. The faster is better.
  • Smartphones means comms: Irrespective of different capabilities; smart phones are used mostly for chat purpose where almost 72 percent of time is spent in ongoing communication in smart phones for their communication activities like as text messages, email and social networking.
  • Middle Age Smartphone Usage: If we consider people between 55 to 64 year old age group then smartphone usage is less as compared to that of youth.
  • Tablets are used at the most: Nearly 54% people in UK have tablets and this has increased from 2 percent in 2011 to 54%.
  • Even today TV is watched the most: We believe technology or usage of smart phones have reduced the craze for television but this is not the truth. For people in London, even today TV time is more important.They spend more time in watching TV screen as compared to using mobile phones.
  • Some of the social norms and conditions: British people believe that it is not good to use cell phone while having dinner. However, majority of people do so. Nearly 34% of adults check their smart phone within five minutes of waking up.
  • More of social media is used by Young Britishers: Youth in UK uses more of social media like as :Twitter : 40%
    WhatsApp : 37%
    YouTube : 32%
    Instagram: 35%
    Snapchat: 26%
    Tumblr: 8%
    Vine : 4%

    Nearly 50% people only use Facebook. However, new ones are easily adopted by people in UK.

  • Google and Facebook: UK’s digital audience is the majority using Google and Facebook. However, Google’s properties are used less as compared to Facebook.
  • NetFlix and Amazon Prime: UK has 4.4 million of Netflix subscribers and 1.2 million subscribers for Amazon Prime.

Wind up

Smartphones So, this was the overall data of UK people using technology as well as adopting new ways of technology. To get more of such updates, stay connected with Softqube Technologies, Android App Development Company India.

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