Ways to Get Funding for your Mobile App

March 15, 2016

Ways to Get Funding for your Mobile App

Mobile apps are in demand because now days, people use more of apps then internet. Mobile is used mainly for apps. Today, everything from shopping to money transfer is done via mobile apps. Even if you are in need of some grocery, you can have some app for it.

Order grocery from the app and it will be delivered directly to your doorsteps. Technology has changed the world. However, for new apps it is difficult to make money at initial stages. It needs some capital to let your dream app make profit for you.

Here, in this blog post; we will show you some of the places from where you can easily get funds for your mobile app. These will serve as good source of capital that can help you to fulfill your dreams.

So, Read ahead and who knows this may be the turning point of your life:

  • App Backr- Get Funds with Index Ranking: Now, what is index ranking? Is it something related to Google ranking or is it something related to mobile ranking or ranking in search results? Hold on for a second; you will know everything.

    A well known app called appbacker started an app indexing resource and since then it grew further to include a crowd funding platform which allows folks to get involved in the app development process.

    The reason is it is so tied with indexing that it provides developers and investors a good resource to see how unique the ideas are. This app allows investors to research apps that are already available in the market to see whether they are worthy to be pushed via some marketing efforts.

    Developers can also use its services in order to get more downloads on their apps. It is necessary to take a look at the app location along with its score as this will provide you surety whether you are viable in the market or not.

    This service is only for developers who have their apps developed. Certain developers are still in their planning stages and they can easily use their index function to make sure that they don’t reinvent the issues.

  • App Backr

  • App Funder: Everything including app Crowd Funding- This is one of the great crowd funding source for app developers. It offers various ways through which you can get funds for your app.

    This makes use of social media presence in order to create buzz for the idea. Listing the app on its service is free and it requires 8% of crowd funding along with 5% of revenues. It just takes about ten minutes to fill the App funder submission form with great options that one must pay attention to.

    You can choose whether you wish to share profits or you wish to give them reward packs with the app services as and when these get developed. Another way to get the app rated is to get your idea chosen by an expert for US$199. This increases the success rate.

    There’s also delay in mechanism on Apps Funder which provides you some extra time to finish your work. The investor revenues can be divided into different payments so that you can have some extra money to market the app when you are in need of it.

    Once the company and backers are paid out then you are free to continue the development without any outside influence that provides you a complete share of profits.

  • Crowd Funding Streamlined: Kick Starter- Kickstarter is one of the popular crowd funding sources. One should not underestimate its potential for funding your ideas. Nearly 10 million investors backed Kickstarter campaigns.

    This app has the smooth sign up process along with getting the app projected on its service. The platform offers one hundred suggestions regarding reward for backers. This includes early app access, app group rates and cold hard cash.

    Companies have plenty of resources to help developers to reach their services. It has its separate press room which provides you an opportunity to present your app story in such a way as if it is to be published in press.

    Further, backers can also make their contribution in the community chat and this can also be used to tell the story. Their voices can be useful with the initial app campaign.

Take Away:

So, these are some of the ways through which you can get funds for your apps. Developers must keep these in mind as it will help them to get sufficient funds. If you know any other ways apart from the ones mentioned above then do let us know.

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