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Love Mobile Phones with less weight? Apple iPhone 6S may not be your choice then

September 13, 2015

It is the buzz around the world for the new apple iPhone 6S. People are planning to upgrade their iPhone. However, if you are one of the slim mobile lovers then beware Apple iPhone 6S is not for you.

Why is this so? The reason iPhone 6S is the heaviest models of all. It can be said as Apple’s heaviest mobile phone ever. The weight of iPhone 6S is 71% more as compared to iPhone 5 and iPhone 5 S. This also weighs 42% more than its first iPhone.

Talking about this new iPhone 6S, it weighs 192 grams or we can say about 6.8 ounces which is more as compared to its model the iPhone 6 Plus having the weight of 20 grams and 0.7 ounces. This new iPhone 6S is the result of the new 3D Touch Display.

Why it has such heavy weight?

iPhone 6S has a pressure sensor that’s developed into backlight of the display which makes the screen heavy as compared to other models. However, here’s a good reason for that: the screen can now sense different pressure levels from your fingers.

Some also think that this increase in weight is due to the alloy mixture which is unknown. The 7000 series aluminium alloy is slightly denser as compared to those 6000 series alloy. According to Apple, iPhone 6s Plus contains only 2 grams of aluminium as compared to that of iPhone 6 Plus.

This new aluminium will save Apple iPhones from bending. Hence, it is not responsible for its weight gain. However, the new 3D Touch Display makes new iPhones thicker and heavier as compared to its previous models.

This display assembly now weighs 29 grams as compared to previous one which weighed 12 grams. The reason here is Apple added a completely new layer to enable the display to maintain the pressure.

The new layer of capacitive pressure sensors is developed into the display backlight and this makes the screen heavier as well as thicker.

Along with this, the new taptic engine offers haptic feedback so that users can be made aware about their presses that are registered using the phone. This is also a new addition that offers new space to the customers.

What about the Battery?

Batteries are very small as compared to those of last models. The new iPhone 6S and 6S plus will have same battery life as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as the new chip is more efficient than the processor that it replaces. The hardware as well as software are optimized more for power efficiency.

Apple people are in constant try to make iPhones as thin and lightweight as possible making it very thinner than ever. This generally comes at the expense of opportunity to solve the user experience and provide them solutions like as improved battery life and pack in the most powerful long lasting battery.

Wind Up:

Hence, if you are the one; a fan of slim iPhones then it is still time to wait for these iPhones as more such new models will also be in queue to provide better user experience.

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