Industry Oriented RFID-enabled Application Development

July 10, 2014

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) applications are used in many industries for carrying out various tasks such as access management, tracking any consignments, tracing the details of person, machine readable travel documents, tracking logistics such as Airport baggage, timing of sporting events and much more.

In today’s blog, we have included the latest RFID enabled applications used in various kinds of industries including the software and hardware used to make this technology effective. Different companies use different software depending on the needs. So, here; we have listed some well known software preferred by an expert XML database consultant.

  • RFID Applications for Mining & Forest Industry: For this type of industries, such RFID tags are used that can be connected to the mines directly. This way the materials can be easily sent to the factory. RFID tag detectors and readers are used to verify the material and handle it properly. Very sensitive information such as descriptions, purchase details, storage advice & handling warnings are easily stored on these tags.To apply this technology, as per the XML database consultant; software that supports client server system for tracking purposes must be used.

    Tags may be active or passive where the former ones provide constant signals and the later ones are to be scanned by the readers. Requirement of equipments depends on the type of tags connected with the mines.

  • RFID Technology for Distributors and Small Warehouses: RFID applications are mostly utilized by small warehouses or various distributor centres.  Software recommended for RFID technology in this sector is “Middle ware”. This software provides all advantages of the RFID application that deals with marketing and customer relations. Managing & Preventing losses are the main benefits of this technology.If we think about more benefits then it solely depends on the type of items sold or distributed. So, it is preferred to use custom database.

    RFID applications are developed in order to track the deliveries as well as inventory. Billing system is combined with delivery system to ensure that proper bills are generated and paid on timely basis and sent only after the item reached its destination.

    Here, mostly passive tags are used and in case of high value items an active tag may be used.

  • RFID Applications for Tracking Cargo: The task of using RFID tags in the shipments sent via Cargo is very complex as additional care is to be taken and it requires the advice of an expert. These tags are installed before keeping the goods in the ship or airliner. Starting from here, goods are followed by a specified custom process. The customers waiting for shipments are updated on regular basis.In case, the RFID application program has any bug or error then it becomes difficult for users to understand it and the application may fail.

    Developing RFID applications require keen attention and sharp mind. So, experienced RFID application development experts can only fulfill the needs and create error free up to the mark RFID applications.

    If you are in need of an RFID application, feel free to contact Softqube technologies to get the application developed from industry experts.

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