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What is the Future of Responsive Design?

August 6, 2015

What is the Future of Responsive Design?

For websites now it has become mandatory to be responsive? But how can they be responsive? These are to be made responsive; they cannot be made responsive on their own. So, next time when website designers are going to design websites they must keep in mind to make them responsive and adjustable with every device.

Different people have different opinions about using responsive techniques. There are several sites that seem to be responsive but they are not. A responsive website approach is necessary for all the websites as we all know now Google gives first priority to these websites.

Future of Responsive Design

With its mobile friendly update, Google now has made it compulsory for all to have mobile optimized websites. So, how this actually came into existence?

How the concept of responsive design actually evolved?

The concept of responsive web design is slowly becoming popular with increase in the use of mobile phones. Mobile based websites have become more popular keeping in mind the increased use of mobile phones.

At present, there are no proper statistics for the same however marketers believe that mobile web is quickly occupying the market where 50% search results just come from mobile devices and several other different types of screen sizes make responsive design viable.

Thousands of variations can be developed for a single site. One can choose the one that suits the needs. In today’s era, only mobile based websites are the ones that make web easily accessible. Responsive design brings very useful changes.

Is Responsive design useful for wearables?

We all know that apple recently launched its wearable device called Apple Watch. Yes, it is not the first wearable or the first smart watch but it is the best wearable device ever among the public. Apple’s marketing budget is huge and so it is able to market its products easily and smoothly displaying them as pioneer’s in industry.

Apple Watch lacks web browser and is unable to display things properly. Huge buildings can only be designed but can never be used and same is the case with wearable devices. Android wearables are of same size as that of apple ones but these lack proper web visibility.

Reason: Web is unable to work on the device having a size of postage stamp.

Also, on the other hand wearable devices cannot be made huge as these are actually to be worn and these can also not be made two small as this will make it difficult for us to access them with our fingers.

Hence, these wearable devices are unable to display complete web pages but are able to get the data from native apps. Yes, with wearable devices one can check flight departure times, see weather forecast, read emails and more but one will not be satisfied when accessing web as web pages don’t open properly on these devices.

Future of Responsive design:

As we keep on creating new devices with certain capabilities and limitations, there are many changes that will be faced by web designers. The main thing that designers should focus on while developing any responsive website is proper site navigation.

And one of the most important things here is change in input methods. The main development is to offer long form content on any wearable device. Audio files serve as the best option for displaying content on wearable devices.
Responsive designs in future will not be restricted to screen adjustability but these will remain screen independent. This means that slowly mobile approach will be dropped and audio approach will quickly be adopted.

Hence, in future if you wish to develop a website then make it responsive keeping in mind the screen readers as this will function properly on the next generation of web browser.

Wind Up

Hope with this blog post; you will be able to develop a responsive website that is accessible on all devices and you will also be prepared to adopt a audio approach if you wish that the website should be accessible on wearable devices as well.

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