Mistakes to avoid Writing CSS for Your WordPress Theme
Writing CSS for Your WordPress Theme? You May Make These Mistakes

Writing CSS for Your WordPress Theme? You May Make These Mistakes

There are innumerable themes available for your WordPress site. So, now you can experiment with your WordPress themes anytime and every time you want. Just select the theme that suits you and then you can start to make most of your web development platform.

WordPress offers an easy way to customize a theme based on your needs as well as expectations. Only there’s a need to examine the CSS of your theme. Here, in today’s post we will learn how to write CSS for your WordPress and solve the mistakes if any are occurred:

Let’s move ahead and know the perfect procedure of WordPress Theme Customization:

  1. Neglecting the basic rules for selectors: Web developers sometimes forget the basic rules for selectors while writing CSS for the WordPress theme. So, if you are one of the developers who is thinking to change the CSS of the theme for a more advanced look and feel then it is necessary for you to become familiar with selectors as well as their usage.

    WordPress Development Mistakes

    Every selector needs an identifiable class which excludes the HTML tags. Special attention must be given to proper arrangement of colons, semi colons along with open brackets.

  2. Avoiding browser bugs: Your web page will have a different view in every browser. Hence, all browsers will provide a separate web page look. So, it is necessary to write CSS accordingly in such a way that the website looks good in all browsers.

    For this, all the CSS standards are to be followed. There are many CSS issues that arise due to website’s incompatibility for certain browsers.

    Certain common issues are as follows:

    • Text and links get out of the web page when the mouse is hovered over a particular link.
    • Text bounces over the entire page when the user scrolls the web page.
    • Inconsistency in the layout when the web page is viewed in different browsers.

    Writing CSS in proper manner can offer a good solution to these issues.

  3. Writing important terms with wrong spelling: Grammar is equally important however here spellings are more important. Developers usually tend to misspell the important terms. These are then overlooked but in order to avoid such mistakes that can lead to many errors.

    One can make use of CSS validators which are used to rectify all the incorrectly spelled search terms that are present into CSS style sheet may be due to negligence or unawareness.

  4. Using a wrong template module: Selecting a template module is also one of the significant tasks that must be taken care of while customizing the WordPress theme. Sometimes, developers make the mistake of selecting an incorrect template module section.

    To solve this mistake an easiest way is to take the complete back up of the overall CSS stylesheet which can then be restored as and when needed.

  5. Improper styling of Block Quote element: Another important element is Block quote where developers often make mistakes. An easiest way style this block quote element is to add particular margins along with non regular font for improving the visual appeal of the WordPress theme.

Wind up:

From now on, web developers will surely keep in mind these mistakes when writing CSS for the WordPress template and as a result, they will be definitely able to offer an amazing website theme for their WordPress site or anyone’s WP site.

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