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Most Preferable Databases to be used with PHP

October 14, 2015

Most Preferable Databases to be used with PHP

When it comes to web application development, MYSQL is the most commonly used database software. Apart from this, there are certain database systems which are very popular and offer good solutions in many cases.

Here, in this blog post; we will discuss about some of the most preferable systems that can be used with PHP. We will also learn about their advantages and disadvantages.

So, let’s move ahead…

Popular PHP Databases

  • Oracle: Oracle is relational database management system which is widely used in most of the enterprise information systems. Most of the big corporations and government bodies prefer to use oracle.This can be used on most of the platforms like as Windows, Unix, Linux as well as OS X operating systems. This represents a very complex solution. It supports many advanced features like as partitioning, offering material views and many of such index types as well as parallel queries.Oracle offers good database security measures like as brute force protection and various rules to create difficult or we can say tough passwords. It is only suitable for huge databases. Small and midsized companies that possess very small databases are asked to make most use of such simple solutions.
  • Microsoft SQL Server: This is asoftware that is especially designed for business. It offers various business intelligence tools as well as enterprise data management tools. This software provides perfect assistance and contains maximum documentation.It excels in providing perfect data recovery support and in case the computer shuts down or loses power then the complete database can be easily recovered. Its price compensates the features offered. This is available only for Windows operating systems.
  • IBM DB2: This is a database software solution that is available for huge databases that have workloads in bulk. It is a very cost effective system. It shows that a company can reduce the costs by 30% when it switches from Oracle to IBM D2 and a very useful advantage is it can be used on several platforms viz. Windows, Linux and Unix.However, when compared with Oracle; the later one has more features but it is very slow on bulky databases.
  • Postgre SQL : It is an open source Database Management System similar to Oracle but possesses different features. This system is basically used for various gaming and data centre automation applications.It is less popular as compared to MYSQL but still it is a system that is available at less cost and has innumerable feature rich database solutions. This can be well programmed and is extensible thus allowing programmers to write custom procedures which can make execution process of complex database operations an easy task. One of the main features of this database management system is the complete support for secure transactions. Prostgre SQL is not for those who need quick operations because it is very slow as compared to other softwares.

Various other databases that can be actually used with PHP

  • Cubrid
  • DB++
  • dBase
  • Informix
  • Paradox
  • SQLite
  • SQLite3
  • Tokyo Tyrant
  • mSQL
  • Ovrimos SQL
  • Ingres
  • MaxDB
  • Mongo
  • FrontBase
  • FireBird
  • And lots more.

So, after reading this post; we can say that only MYSQL is not the only database that can be used with PHP. There are several other databases which are easily compatible with PHP and here we have included all the possible ones.

Still, there might be some that are not included in the list and are still compatible with PHP. If you are aware about any of such databases then you can easily share your experience with us and let us know something about that database.

And in case you were searching for those databases that are compatible with PHP then I hope you search might have ended here.

Wind up:

PHP is an easy to use programming language offering sufficient flexibility and hence it is mostly preferred by web developers. Expert PHP developers can help you to create amazing web applications.

So, if you are in need of any expert PHP developers who can help you to get your web application developed then stay get in touch with Softqube Technologies, PHP Development India where you will meet a team of PHP professionals who are willing to fulfill your needs.

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