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Is it Possible to do Business Without a Website?

February 19, 2016

Is it Possible to do Business Without a Website?

In this online world, everyone feels that it is mandatory to have a website if you really want to succeed in your business. However, as per recent survey nearly 50% of small firms do business without website.

This is the result derived from surveys in USA. Yes, mobile friendly websites are still a priority. From a recent poll, it is found that irrelevancy to the business as well as the expenses involved in it are the most important reasons that are cited by most of the respondents.

Yes, the statistics says that near about 50% small firms carry out business without website. However, as per the opinion of experts; they should actually get one developed. No matter if it is a simple one with just one two pages.

But, this will help to get greater online presence. The value of online presence is immeasurable as each and every company having a website gets definitely benefitted from it. Let’s say if you are selling something, then it is advisable to reach customers as quickly as possible and through website you can do so.

Mobile friendly websites do not appear to be a priority to small businesses. According to the survey, 23% of existing small businesses have websites that are not mobile friendly and another 9% of respondents were unaware of whether their website is mobile friendly or not.

Mobile Friendly Website Development

Today, not having a mobile friendly website is equal to not having a website. It is common to see the difficulties related to the website that is not mobile friendly. Those who don’t have a website can plan to have one this year.

As per the survey, search engine optimization, social engagements, design and content development are the top priorities for 2016. Among 352 survey responses from small business owners to managers throughout the entire US, most of the respondents are businesses with 1- 10 employees and those who have less than $1 million in annual revenue. It is a true representation of small businesses as per the US Census Bureau.

So, Why Small Businesses don’t have a Website?

Well, some questions need lots of efforts to get correct answers. So, among the answers available; the top two reasons are:

  • Websites are different from their business industry
  • Cost of a website
  • Various other reasons include the use of social media profiles instead of a website, need for ongoing maintenance and the absence of technical knowledge.

Websites by Industry:

Now, those small businesses that have a website today; either are not satisfied or they don’t have a website that is relevant to their business or industry. Agency leaders say that if you run a business then you must have some sort of information online.

It’s ok to have a single page website that describes your business and contains your contact information. It is necessary to have this information indexed and displayed to those who are looking for the same.

Websites by Cost:

The website cost can vary to an extent. One option is to hire a speciality web design firm to develop quality, custom websites especially for small businesses. Websites with lower cost DIY website platforms, having a brochure or informational website can serve to be a simple and cost effective solution.

With maximum options for developing less expensive and time intensive websites, the cost of a website is one of the considerable reasons on which the decision of having a website is based.

Take Away:

To conclude the discussion, we can say that small businesses can easily benefit from a website, be it a one page site or a comprehensive interactive tool. Cost of not having a website is much more than that of having a website.

For small businesses with websites, there are various areas that can be used to improve the visibility, credibility and usability. Small businesses must own mobile friendly websites and then optimize the sites for mobile engagement.

In a nutshell, we can say that small businesses must possess a website. No matter even if it is a single page. One can take guidance from well known Website development Company like Softqube Technologies where experts can guide you and will provide you what you need.

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