What are the statistics and Market Shares of PHP
Statistics and Market Share for PHP

Statistics and Market Share for PHP

We all know that PHP is highly popular programming language recommended by developers to develop any kind of web applications, websites and more. Due to its flexibility and ease of understanding, it’s one of the well known languages used for web development.

Today, we are going to discuss about the usage statistics as well as market share of PHP language. So, let’s move on…

Statistics and Market Share for PHP

PHP Statistics and Market Share:

Among the widely known eCommerce platforms, 82% of them prefer to use PHP as a server side programming language. Statistics for different PHP versions is as follows:

PHP Version Website percentage using PHP
Version 5 98%
Version 4 1.6%
Version 3 Less than 0.1%

Based on this table, we can see the percentage of websites using various PHP versions where the PHP version 5 was used the most and PHP version 3, the least.

Further, let’s understand about the market position of PHP:

Here, we will know how popular PHP is in terms of traffic as compared to other popular server side programming languages. As per the market report as on 5th May 2015 i.e. today, the market position of PHP is as follows:

  • As compared to Java, Cold Fusion and Ruby; PHP is highly preferred by high traffic websites.
  • It is also used by low traffic sites as well as those who have recently involved in the eCommerce business.

Some well known sites that use PHP are as follows:

  • Facebook.com
  • Baidu.com
  • Wikipedia.org
  • Twitter.com
  • Qq.com
  • Tmall.com
  • Sohu.com
  • Vk.com
Certain sites that have started using PHP recently:
  • Huffingtonpost.com
  • Huanqiu.com
  • Domaintools.com
  • Chinatimes.com
  • Turboloves.net
Well, here are the names of some of the websites who have just started using PHP:

There are in total 269 domains that have started using PHP this month. Few of the names are as follows:

Domain Name Technology used Previous Technology
Commonplaces.com PHP Python
cf.com PHP JAVA
avian-media.com PHP PERL
Worldagroforestry.org PHP ASP.NET
Fulltuto.com PHP ASP.NET
Gruenbeck.de PHP ASP.NET
Unheros.com PHP ASP.NET

This shows that the popularity of PHP is increasing by leaps and bounds. Along with this, total 2018 domains stopped using PHP and switched to other languages like PERL, Python, and ASP.NET etc.

Looking at the country wise distribution of PHP, we can say that it is widely popular United States and least used in Korea which is up to 2.191% with 3713 domains using PHP where as USA leads with 32% with 54607 domains using PHP and the second one is Germany with 11.19% market share and 18961 domains using PHP.

Among the various server side languages available in the market, PHP is leading with 69.23% this month followed by ASP.net with 29.71%. This means people mostly prefer the former one to develop dynamic HTML pages. Web applications are developed using combination of HTML and other software code in a single PHP file.

Wind Up

This blog post reveals the popularity of PHP by showing its market statistics. Actually, PHP is now becoming the synonym for server side programming language because most of the people who are new to online business prefer to use this language as compared to others that are available in the market.

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