PHP in 2014- Improvements, Updates and more!!

October 23, 2014

How is PHP originated?

PHP stands for Personal Home Pages and gained popularity in terms of language. The reason behind its popularity is the great Facebook. After having the marvelous facilities and tools in PHP in 2014, most of the sites started to opt develop websites using it. There are many other languages available like WordPress, Joomla, C#, but none can beat PHP. The great design with user friendly portal is the best feature of PHP. It is easy to learn, host, operate. The best part of it is that one can directly relate their sites with SQL or oracle. This relation helps to upload the data sheet in .csv format file and is commonly seen in eCommerce sites.

Where does PHP rank?

PHP is enjoying the ranked to the top of all and have reached to the position that every next child is running behind to learn its code. PHP is something which will never hit down and will be giving tough competition to many like But it’s very true that no site is there that don’t have an error of course PHP have also got few drawbacks. No one can determine the future of PHP 6, every changing time it will have a new version. But PHP version 5.3 is the best till date and have an excellent functionality.

Well, what can one do, just hope to have an awesome functionality with best object model in coming versions. Now PHP is implementing to build the softwares for desktop, PHP-GTK. The success of PHP lies behind the successful wxPHP project that made it immensely popular through its importance. Programming in PHP and its app development is just like playing the game. THE market of DTP is going to be betrayed badly, by the web. The rapid increase in computer language can be demonstrated from school also.

And the next target is mobile development!

Well development of applications is rising tremendously and need not any introduction. The development of app in the languages like Java, C or C++ requires a lengthy time and lots of effort and important to all, why will one go to choose the tough way when things can be done easily. So, PHP lets the thing done quickly and never take the time duration of around one year. Developing a mobile app is easy in the languages like HTML, XHTML, CSS or scripting in Java.A little knowledge of PHP can help to create a web service and develop an application. There are many websites available that guides to develop through cloud computing. It is made easier via cloud hosting that is, one can simply drag, drop and the things get complete.

We are going to see a great change in coming next three years as the apps of mobile development is directly dependable on cloud computing. We are going to see a new era where every next app and website from eCommerce to a social networking all will be surrounded by the one i.e PHP.

Wind Up:

Be aware about current PHP techniques and use updated programming language to create friendly web applications. For regular updates about PHP techniques, stay in touch with Softqube Technologies, a well known PHP Web Development Company in India.

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