Advanced PHP Tips to Improve your Programming

June 24, 2015

Advanced PHP Tips to Improve your Programming

PHP itself is an easy language and so developers love to develop websites using this programming language. However, sometimes it becomes a lengthy process to carry out web development tasks ousing PHP and this is one of the reasons we decided to offer some PHP tips that can be used to improve PHP Programming.

Advanced PHP Tips

So, let’s take a look at these PHP Tips:

  • Make use of SQL Injection Sheet: It is a link to one of the useful resources. SQL injection is needed when one is failed to get rid of the output. Further, it is also used when there’s difference between SQL query format as well as the data used by SQL query.

    This is common mostly in apps developed using PHP. Certain data if not escaped may be misinterpreted. Another option is to filter the valid data before its usage. Filtering input means the data that is organized outside the Web App is to be filtered as it cannot be trusted.

    SQL injection may get errors when the SQL query format and SQL query data are not maintained properly. Several statements are available which can push the responsibility to the database by offering the query format as well as data in several distinct steps.

  • Identify the difference between comparison operators: This can be a good tip if followed easily to identify whether there’s a substring within the given string. If the substring is absent then the results may be misleading.
  • Shortcut the else: This tip can be used after constant practice. It is used to initialize variables before using them. Use a conditional statement which identifies if an user is an administrator depending on the user name.
  • Leave those brackets: When we call brackets, we sometimes mean “braces” but actually brackets means square brackets. It needs lots of practice to do coding without braces. Coding must be consistent and of proper quality and developers are bound to abide by coding standards.
  • Make use of Ternary Operators: The ternary operator is a perfect one for one liners, prototypes and templates. But, it is believed that an ordinary conditional statement is better than ternary operator. The PHP code should be descriptive like that of PHP language itself.
  • Framework is required: We advice to use framework but it depends on whether it is actually needed or not. Yes, framework offers proper standards or we can say a perfect web development platform.

    However, one can also define its own coding standards. So, based on your project; you can either choose to use a framework or develop your own coding standards.

  • Make proper use of Suppression Operator: Suppression error is slow. The reason PHP frequently changes error_reporting before actually using suppressed statement. It used in improper manner then it is difficult to track down the main cause of the problem.

Wind Up

So, with these tips; PHP web developers can easily improve their programming thus reducing the time and accomplishing the project quickly. For any more useful tips and updates about PHP web development, stay connected with Softqube Technologies, one of the leading PHP development companies in India.

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