PHP Application Development Will Never Fade - Find Out Why
PHP Application Development Will Never Fade – Find Out Why

PHP Application Development Will Never Fade – Find Out Why

PHP is a popular server scripting language used for development and designing of websites. PHP Application Development helps in building customized website solutions.

It is used quite extensively for designing websites with enhanced functionality and provides benefits in the creation of reliable, secure, dynamic, interactive and efficient web pages. Demand for PHP development is increasing and this language is considered to the top choice for website development in the market as per the latest statistics. However, with the emergence of different programming languages, PHP Web Development is facing a tough competition but the demand is not fading away. Let us know why one should choose PHP for web development.

Evolution of PHP Programming language

The initial version of PHP was written in C language and its tools were released to the public in the year 1995. Common Gateway Interface binary coding was used to write this language. PHP3 was formed as the base language and its official name Hypertext Preprocessor name or PHP3 was given the official name in the month of June 1998. PHP 5 was released in July 2005 after rigorous development phases and this version had various improved support for Object Oriented programming. The PHP data objects extension had several improvements in terms of functionality and performance. However, later PHP faced a lot of criticism due to lack of native Unicode support and could support only byte strings. Later on, major version of PHP 7 was developed in the month of 2014-15.

The reason why PHP can be useful for your next Project

Content Management Systems – PHP is quite scalable and provides a great deal of functionality. It is accessible to different Content management systems and helps development meet the requirement. One can take the example of PHP programming and quite popular in different CMS such as Drupal, WordPress and Joomla etc.

Open Source

PHP has been part of open source project and constantly enhanced by open source developer community. The dynamic community keeps ensuring that the PHP language gets all the latest updates and bug fixes. If you are part of an expert in the field of PHP development then you can redefine your presence by using this technology and contributing to the developer community.

Seamless Compatibility

PHP is a great language for most of the operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix along with MySQL and Apache. The language covers all cross platforms and different flavours of OS available in the open source or licensed versions. One can use PHP to add more value to the project by using this open source language in different formats. PHP is a dynamic language, which helps the developers and designers to get the more improved design in their application by use of the popular OS and effective cross-platform development. In addition, you can also use different plugins and extensions to cope with the changing dynamic environment.

Highly Flexible

When it comes to choosing a website, which is more agile, flexible and dynamic, then PHP is just the right choice for you. It allows web apps and websites to scale dynamically without any manual intervention. The web apps designed by PHP can refresh easily automatically with a great deal of flexibility that is not available in other languages. One can customize content as per the requirement as PHP is an open source language with different libraries, graphics and effects available.

Easy to use

PHP does not require a long time to learn or adapt. It is easier to learn due to its organized syntax, simple and clean environment. Developers can easily make a code and easier for the other developers to learn the same code. PHP learning doesn’t require much training and commands are easy to decipher. One of the major reasons why PHP is popular is because its syntax is same as C language and quite easier to optimize in the environment.

Optimized Environment

PHP is quick to learn when it comes to speed and in comparison to other languages. PHP can be built on the websites where you need better loading in spite of poor data speed or slow internet connection. PHP is also an important language, which can be used to fetch information from any database quickly and does not take much time to connect to the DB and execute the statement for a specific query. If you are looking for a specific language, which can perform the task quickly compared to any other languages, then PHP is one such language, which is optimum for the applications.


If you are looking to develop an application then it is important to check your business objectives and understand developer’s strength. PHP Application Development is one of the most popular languages available to choose if you partner with the best PHP development company. You can rest assured that you will get the services from top professionals who have experience in providing a strong ecosystem of developers and create the best application suited for your environment.

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