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Search Engine Optimization

Effective SEO Strategies 2015 With Google Analytics

March 17, 2015

Google keeps on introducing various updates in the field of SEO Strategies and to remain aligned with these updates, it’s necessary to have a perfect SEO strategy. So, let’s have a look at some important points that will make a perfect strategy which can boost your online presence.

Points to be considered while preparing a relevant SEO Strategies

  • Maximize the organic traffic: The main thing is to make use of SEO queries and Landing Page reports. This can be easily done by combining Google Analytics with Google Webmaster tools.Further, SEO report can be used along with Google Analytics to know about keyword rankings, clicks and impressions, check the keywords having more impressions and then the click through rate of those keywords can be improved by targeting page titles and descriptions.
  • Keyword Report: Keyword report is used to increase organic traffic by means of using various traffic resources.
  • Make use of various traffic resources: Several traffic resources can be used to spend more time to get additional traffic by using reports from top referrers.
  • Generate Appropriate Content: Create more content that resembles with the audience using the content overview report. Make a list of top contents on your site and based o that develop a content plan that fulfills the audience needs.
  • Concentrate on Maximizing conversion rates: The report should contain specific details that direct traffic to certain conversion pages. To maximize the conversion rates, increase page surveys and make use of A/B testing to identify and solve the objections.
  • Mobile Optimization: The mobile based SEO strategy must be adopted to know responsiveness, higher bounce rate and more.
  • Increase top referrals: Special deals can be offered with top referrals and those deals can then be displayed to various visitors, develop a custom welcome message for various referral sources which will imp+-rove customer engagement.

Take the help of below infographics to know more about effective SEO strategy in a better way.

SEO Strategy with Google Analytics

Wind up

These points will definitely help you to improve your SEO strategy. For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned with Softqube Technologies, well known SEO Services provider in India.

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