Perfect Logo for Perfect Business- Corporate Logo Designing
Perfect Logo for Perfect Business – Corporate Logo Designing
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Perfect Logo for Perfect Business – Corporate Logo Designing

What is that small thing which helps to memorize you the name of a big company? We all are aware of this thing and for some companies, it is the way to present themselves to the audience while for others, it is their dream come true.

Are you still wondering what we are talking about? Do little bit of brain storming and think about it, you will get to know what this blog post is about? The countdown begins 5…4….3… any idea? 2… 1… Yes, you guessed it right. It is the “Logo” that we are talking about and today we will discuss about designing perfect logo for perfect business.

So, before moving ahead with the topic, let’s discuss something about what it actually means to have a logo? Logo in general terms means a symbol, an emblem that represents a particular brand or company. If we look at our National Emblem or National Flag then it is the symbol or we can say our country logo.

A picture that can describe huge things easily and delivers the perfect message about the brand or company is considered as the Logo. So, now you got it that any brand must get a logo developed that can easily represent its services as well as business sector.

Now, the question how every business can get a logo created that is apt for it? So, let’s understand which logo is suitable is for any particular business?

Right Logo for your business

As we discussed, logo plays an important role in creating the image of any company in the mind of people. It helps to establish your brand by doing constant communication with the customers. Based on the logos, customers likely form an image in the mind for any business and assume same experience when they visit them personally.

A logo can tell entire story. Logos that are mostly known by people e.g.: MacDonald’s, Coca Cola, Bata Footwear and more. These are simple but still memorable. So, basically there are five types of logos that must be considered.

  • Letter: Text logos or we can say letter logos are important and serve the purpose. We can see most famous brands have text based logos, it is because is it simple and easy to remember. So, if you wish to make a memorable logo then text based logos are the preferable ones.
  • Emblem: Emblem is an image that includes text as well. For example: Harley Davidson Motor cycles, our national emblem. These consist of text along with image. Generating such small logos that can easily spell the big company name is really accepted and so most of the big companies are easily remembered by people.

    Emblems are developed including text, shapes, badges, shields, animal prints and more that bear the company name. Companies that are connected with environment mostly use animals and natural shapes in their logo while those in vehicle industry mostly include image with text.

  • Others: Apart from these two, other logos are developed as brand mark, word mark or the combination of all types. Combo style logos are mostly preferred when someone wants to include company name compulsorily along with the image. It sometimes also contains visual punch line. Below given image , will give a good idea about combo style logos

Creative - Combo Style Logo

Hope these few logo types will help you to select a perfect symbol for your business. For more such in depth assistance about Corporate Logo designing, stay in touch with Softqube Technologies.

Hari Patel

Hari Patel

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