Prime Pay Per Click Marketing Approaches You Need to Follow

October 20, 2014

In this rapidly transforming as well as fast paced industry, wherein Google tends to switch up things with a number of alterations to its platforms every year, AdWords advertisers, Pay Per Click find it quite taxing to keep pace with whatever changes come to them.

What if the advertisers could sort out all these disturbances, reduce their learning bend and build their way directly to the center of one of the most effective and powerful PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing strategies?

In a recent webinar, 8 of the top most Pay per Click marketing hacks that you should use for optimizing your PPC strategy in today’s market have been distributed. You always can retain the tweaking copy as well as the test button for very long or forever. However, all these are just minor modifications. Most significantly, they are not as influential.

Pay Per Click

Let’s take a rapid look at my all time beloved and preferred PPC marketing hacks:

1. Optimize your QS (Quality Score)

Your QS influences your click-through rate (CTR) and ad ranking to a great extent. It decides how frequently your ads will be seen on the web and for which KW. Moreover, your Impression Share gets to see a hike of around 9 percent for each point your QS improvement. For improving your QS, you need to dump the scrap ads and KWs and add around 10% of branded KWs.

2.Create ads to touch people’s heart

Develop your ads to appeal the emotions of your customer base. Until and unless you make them feel something about you, you cannot get their clicks. For this you need to know them, their likes, dislikes, problems and much more. This will make you reach them out in a proper way.

3. Make use of bid Multipliers

Most advertisers tend to buy clicks as much as possible. However, instead of buying all that comes in your way, you should be meticulous and choosy. Making use of bid multipliers help you do the same by contributing more worth to the clicks at a specific time(s) of day. This process is known as dayparting.

4. Optimize for Handhelds

The rate of searches from mobile devices is going to increase in the coming years. Keeping this into consideration, introducing Click-to-Call option can fetch more and more clicks to the AdWords advertisers. Therefore, you need to start optimizing for mobile phone as well.

5. Try Remarketing

Remarketing is one of the best PPC marketing hacks that can help you reach out those visitors who have visited your site, but did not take the action you wanted. For this you can do a number of things, like – creating ads for different segments and using Google Display Network.

6. Go for Gmail ads

You can try the new Gmail ads that let you display your ad completely to the target audience. By doing so, you can leverage the advantages of various targeting parameters such as, interests as well as topics for better appeal.

7.Make use of YouTube ads

Millions and billions of people watch YouTube almost every day. There are a number of awesome ad formats out there, specially the TrueView thing that plays before the actual video starts. You should surely use this incredible platform to reach out your target audience.

8. Be the first one

Google releases a number of changes in relation to the functioning of the AdWords platform every year. Did you know, being the first one to get on to a new function can be a great advantage for you? Yes, because the bids as well as the competition are much lower in the beginning you can be the first one to make an appearance in front of your audience.

Wind Up:

Make best use of some well known pay per click approaches and see a tremendous increase in the traffic as well as customers. It is a great way to get top search engine position. To enjoy the benefits of pay per click services, you need hands of professionals who offers quality SEO services with guaranteed results.

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