How to Use cURLS in PHP?

January 11, 2015

Hey Viewers, Welcome back! Again we are back with amazing details about PHP and its various usages. So, today we are going to discuss about something called “cURLS” in PHP.

Well, what is this Curls? I don’t know but are you aware? For me, it simply means the curls of hair. Sounds Funny! But this is not the actual meaning of this term here.

Curls in PHP are actually the tools of command line which are used to send and receive the files. As well as, you can also send or receive other kind of data along with the URL syntax. This tool supports various protocols such as FTP (File Transfer Protocol), HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), TELNET and so on.

When you are using PHP scripting language, you can use cURL in a different way. The module of PHP allows us to use the library file of PHP which is ‘libcurl’. Through this way, you can use command line tool in PHP and start implementation.

Now, we discuss about the uses of the cURL tool so that, you know how to use it or not. If we want to use cURL, we can use it for HTTP form, which is based upload, basic authentication website, file transfer protocol and so on. There are various ways for doing such kinds of tasks along with the PHP. But, it requires a lot of coding, logic and functions of PHP which doesn’t able to handle errors and flexibility. This is the main reason why many individuals not use other ways instead of CURL.

As well as, there are some other tasks are also not easy such as file uploading, authentication, data extraction and many others. In fact, all these all kinds of tasks are easily done by the CURL command line tool. These are few uses of cURL which can make it better than others so, enhance your knowledge and start using it.

Here are some basic steps to use cURL. With the help of these useful steps, you can easily handle any kind of request along with cURL:-

Firstly, you have to initialize a session of curl with the function- curl_init(). This is a code of initializing the session-

$var1= curl_init();
After that, you have to set many other options for thesession along with the curl_setopt() function-
curl_setopt($var1, CURLOPT_URL,;

Then, execute the procedure and send the data from the server by using the function curl_exec()

Now, close the session of CURL with the curl_close() function and see the results-


Now, this basic working code will easily describe the cURL or PHP. So, carefully read this entire information and work on it.

After that, once we declare the basic requirements of cURL command line then we can easily do various tasks like file uploading, error handling, and fetching information and so on. You can also check errors by use coding of PHP/ cURL and get more information by searching on the web. So, start your research by any of the main keyword and get the results quickly.

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