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SEO : All About Bread Crumbs

October 17, 2014

The E-stores and websites are the latest trend of business and the most important aspect to raise the business is its usability, which can be done and maintained only by SEO. A buyer come across to a particular site by making a deep search and lots of efforts, who can come to the site either by search engine, word of mouth or any other social link. It is not necessary that the potential viewer will come visiting the site from Home page they can also come in contact to site by contact us, about us or any other product/ service offered by the organization.

So, important to all one need to have a guaranteed / trustworthy SEO, that helps to reach the potential customer. A breadcrumb is a common term and used popularly to generate traffic to the website.

Example of Breadcrumbs

Here are a few details of breadcrumbs:

What do you mean by Breadcrumb?

It is a page area which helps the guest of the site to see about the precise area of the site. It is specified to the highest point of the page. We can likewise say it is a course of the page. It has turned into a vital term particularly for each e-commerce websites.

Types of Breadcrumbs:

There are three types of bread crumbs which are as follows:

  • Location based: relates to the exact position targeting one keyword from the whole site.
  • Path based: dynamic resultant which comes by hyperlink, based from search result.
  • Attribute based: direct the attributes of a page in progress.

Google doesn’t welcome faulty plagiarism content and even let the PR ranking of the site down, which resultant not to approach the scroller.

What is the role of Keywords (Search keywords and meta keywords) optimization in SEO terms for breadcrumbs?

  • The back end keywords are the most important thing for any website and so it consists of meta tag, meta description, search keywords which link with the target anchor tag. For instance: Shopping (Home page) > Clothing > Salwar Kameez. It is a mixture of strong keywords with category wise page and words.
  • Too much stuffing of keywords is not good for the website; it also leads to failure in ranking because of high confusing keywords in one content.
  • Proper use of SEO, is necessary like Home link with perfect keywords which need not to guess and explain detail about site.

SERP makes the listing of the site in an attractive and reliable manner. The SERP is supported with breadcrumb in order to interact with Google. It plays a vital role by letting the navigation of site to the top.

Do’s and Dont’s with the practice of Breadcrumb:

It can be useful for you, if you follow some of the below mentioned points:

  1. Utilize breadcrumbs only when they help a visitor of the site
  2. Un- link the current page for smooth flow
  3. Do not supplant primary route with breadcrumbs
  4. Use breadcrumbs regularly
  5. Do not utilize breadcrumbs within the web page of <title> tag

Wind Up:

Make proper use of bread crumbs and get benefit of proper SEO techniques. To have a deep understanding about these SEO techniques, get in touch with our India based SEO Services offering company in India – Softqube Technologies.

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