Learn Coding Online. Here are a Few Websites

June 12, 2015

Learn Coding Online. Here are a Few Websites

Web development may be the task loved by all but who is responsible for creating a well effective website? Of course; web developers and website designers. Yes, graphics and coding both sum up to have a perfect website for a business.

Are you a business owner who wish to get perfect website developed by expert developers? Or are you a business owner who wishes to learn coding and then code the website on your own. Well, if you are the first category types then you can simply hire an expert Web developer or get in touch with any expert Web development company like Softqube Technologies.

Learn Coding Online

And if you are the second category types then this blog is for you. No, not only business owners but people , developers who wish to learn coding for free; can get guidance from this blog because today we are going to mention some of the websites that teach coding online absolutely free.

Yes, absolutely Free! This word “free” is really amazing. It quickly creates excitement in the readers. Thanks to the creator of this word. So, let’ move on and see which websites are actually helpful to you.

Few Websites that teach Coding Online:

Coding is done in many different programming languages like as JavaScript, HTML&CSS, jQuery, Python, Ruby & Ruby on Rails and PHP.

Different websites teach different languages and free programming eBooks are also available. Don’t you think we are revealing you the secret of a huge treasure who even after a searching a lot on internet, it’s difficult to find.

So, the treasure is as follows:

  1. JavaScript:
    • Websites: Code Academy, Code Combat, Code Avengers.
    • Free eBooks: Eloquent JavaScript, Speaking JS, Oh My JS
  2. HTML & CSS:
    • Websites: Don’t Fear the Internet, TutPlus, A to Z CSS, The Hello World
    • Free eBooks: Mozilla, Dive into HTML5, HTML Dog, HTML5 for Designers
  3. jQuery:
    • Websites: Code Academy, Tutplus, Code School
    • Free eBooks: jQuery Fundamentals, Learn jQuery
  4. Python:
    • Websites: Google, Learn Street, Python Tutor
    • Free eBooks: Python for You and Me, Dive into Python, Tanjo with Django, Python for Fun
  5. Ruby and Ruby on Rails:
    • Websites: Code Academy, TryRubyCodeLearn, Rubymonk
    • Free eBooks: Learn Ruby the Hard Way, Learn Rails by Example
  6. PHP:
    • Websites: Code Academy
    • Free eBooks: PHP Programming, Practical PHP

Wind Up

So, what are you waiting for? Select any particular language and browse the website and start learning. Yes, you can see some websites teach more than one language. This will make work easy for you.

More such web development treasures will be shared with you. This is it for now. Stay tuned and let us know any more such websites or eBooks from where coding or any other technical things can be learnt for free.

Have a look at some web development projects fulfilled by coding experts and who knows next time you can also be a part of the expert web developers team.

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