One can Reduce Mobile App Development Cost by these tips

May 4, 2018

One can Reduce Mobile App Development Cost by these tips

With the tremendous increase in the use of Mobile phones, the sheer pressure has been pushed down to the app development. No matter how expensive a mobile is but it is useless if it does not have the latest apps that run the show in today’s tech-savvy industry.

With the growing demand for mobile apps, it is expected that this demand will get bigger and bigger in the coming future. As per the statistics available Google play store accommodates nearly 3.5. A million apps and apple store come at the second position with 2.2 Million apps till 2017.

Looking at these figures one can easily understand the growing demand as well as the importance of apps, hence we can take it at face value that the cost of making an app would also be on the higher side. With the growing need and popularity, apps are becoming a necessity. This write-up will provide you with the guidelines that would help anyone to bring down the cost of Mobile app development.

Here are the guidelines, which one needs to keep in mind in order to save on cost

Compatibility with various platforms and Devices

With the lucrative market growth and the ability of the technological platform to support various devices is what adds to the cost. To make the app compatible with different platforms and devices raises the bar of challenges, which in turn takes time and efforts that add up to the cost of development.

Use of Iterative and Incremental Development model

This model of development is a combination of any Iterative design or method with incremental build model for the development of software. This is a smart method of saving time and resources which is not available while working with traditional methodologies. The iterative and incremental development methodology works by bifurcating the development cycle into small stages. Each of these individual stages is developed, tested and deployed through iterative cycles.

Use of (MVP) Minimum Viable Product Technique

As the name suggests the technique works on the bases of providing a product with just enough features that can work and satisfy the customer.

Once the product goes through this initial stage then additional features can be added understanding the needs of the customer and the market.
This approach of development helps in saving cost and gives enough time for developing a better product.

Use of Animations and Custom Designs

While developing an application is it very important to understand that standard features would cost you less in comparison to high tech features like using animations and custom user interface. Based on requirement one should take a decision and try to stick with standard features.


Keeping all the business objectives and goals in mind one has to decide the type of app they want to develop, should it be a native or hybrid. Based on the decision taken you can get a tentative value that you need to spend in order to convert your thoughts into reality. It is also very important that you tie up with the right mobile app development partner who can suggest you the right path and help you in saving cost wherever you can.

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