On-demand Mobile Applications-Making Daily Chores a Pleasurable Experience

December 4, 2018

On-demand Mobile Applications-Making Daily Chores a Pleasurable Experience

Long gone are those days where mobile applications were used only for complex tasks. The business world today has been revamped and given a new look by on-demand mobile applications. To make sure you download the best application, you can blindly trust Softqube Technologies like the mobile app development company to give you applications that you can rely on to help you in your day to day lives.


Why are on-demand mobile applications preferred these days?

Thanks to mobile applications these days, owning a fleet of cars or a large group of workers is no longer a necessity. Getting what you need in a crisis is not tedious, in fact, it is just a click away. A laundry application was the last thing anyone of you would have thought existed. Today, people prefer enjoying their weekend indulging in leisure activities than spending the day doing laundry. This is the very reason a mobile app development company came up with the idea of an on-demand laundry mobile app.

The structure of an on-demand laundry application:

The main people involved in forming an on-demand laundry application are the rinser, the delivery person and last but not least, the user.

1. The user:

The user of the application places an order for laundry services using a website or a mobile application. He/she can also select a time and date according to convenience for the laundry to be picked up.

2. Delivery person:

According to the time and date scheduled by the customer, the delivery person arrives at the location to pick up the laundry and carries it to the rinser. Vice versa, once the rinser is done with doing the laundry, he/she looks for a delivery person to take the fresh clean clothes back to the customer.

3. Rinser:

Once this person receives the laundry from the delivery person, he/she washes, dries and irons the clothes and gets them ready to be delivered back to the customer.

Key features to be considered while building an on-demand laundry application:

Application developers at a mobile app development company have divided the functions of the application into three main groups to better understand its features.

1. User application:

This application for the users should be easy to log into preferably using either a mobile number or a social media account. There should be an array of options from which a customer can choose from to see what suits him/her the best. The customer also should be given an estimated cost of the service chosen. Also, it is very essential that the customer can track the order and knows the status of the order.

2. Laundry man’s application:

Again, this application should be easy to manoeuvre through. There should be a provision where timely notifications are sent to the rinser regarding any upcoming orders or any pending and delayed orders.

3. Delivery person’s application:

This application should most importantly have a map associated with it so that the delivery person reaches the right place at the scheduled time. There should also be a module which will help the delivery person to look at all the pickup and drop requests and should be able to track the amount earned for every trip.


An efficient mobile application can do wonders for your on-demand laundry business. To make sure your application is top-class, go to Softqube Technologies to get an application built which will make you number one in your business.

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