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An On-Demand Beauty Service App: That Significantly Helped Independent Beauty Professionals Build Their Career
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An On-Demand Beauty Service App: That Significantly Helped Independent Beauty Professionals Build Their Career

Today every person can easily connect with the world around them. Finding any product or service is super easy and convenient with their smartphones. At their fingertips, people find a way to solve their routine problems. Be it delivery, courier, grocery, or enhancing your beauty, you will get everything to your doorstep within the shortest possible time. The Digital revolution has transformed the beauty service industry to a great extent. Branded salons are shifting their workstyle by including online beauty salon services apps in their business.

The importance of developing an on-demand beauty service application is that it can provide access to your close customer base with efficiency. Softqube Technologies have successfully created a robust and dynamic beauty professionals services app for our client Kalon. The app has helped several independent beauticians, hair stylists, make-up artists, etc to boost their careers.

The blog for today provides some valuable insights that we need to know before and after creating an on-demand beauty services application and what it took to develop an app like Kalon. So let us dive into the details.

Why do you need a Beauty Services Mobile App?

People live on a hectic schedule nowadays. Visiting a beauty salon for regular services has become tough and impossible while building a career. Besides, the long waiting times at salons hurt. These discerning customers need an effective and efficient solution that can address their beauty regimes. On-demand beauty salon apps do exactly what is needed. These apps help customers to have their required beauty services done at a time and place convenient to the customer. Big beauty salons are now joining the bandwagon by investing in the on-demand services app. Businesses tend to get better footfalls and you as an entrepreneur get the opportunity to scale your business to the next level.

Presently, the global beauty industry is worth $532 billion and is expected to grow up to $716.6 billion by 2025. Moreover, with the onset of the on-demand beauty service platform, the life of various independent beauty professionals and freelancers have become easier and more pleasant. This implies that there is tremendous potential for several on-demand beauty service providers to succeed. The stats reveal the scope of massive valuation and wide user base of the industry.

How does the Beauty On-demand mobile app work

How does the Beauty On-demand mobile app work?

Just like Uber, beauty service apps work for offering beauty services. The user downloads the app and can book a local beauty professional and a stylist from among several options listed in the app. The booking is confirmed and the beauty professional arrives at the chosen place and time to execute the demanded services. The basic beauty service app enables the users to get the beauty treatments done within their own convenience.

Various beauty services that can be included within the beauty industry are:

  • Salon services at home
  • Occasion hiring of beauty professional
  • Beauty products home delivery
  • Booking appointment for beauty services
  • Skincare and wellness services at home

Monetization Opportunities by on-demand beauty service app

There are a lot of business opportunities that you can leverage by developing an on-demand beauty service app for your customers.

  • The app provides the featured listings of a few beauty service providers in the top section and can advertise them separately to grab the user’s attention, for which the app owner can charge a specific amount of fees.
  • The beauty professionals and stylists who are the members of the app will pay commission to the app owner for listing their services
  • The app owner can include an online beauty store within the app and can set up a parallel revenue stream. The app users can purchase beauty and wellness products directly from the online store.
  • Adding PPC ads within the app can also help the app owners earn a lot of money. The ads can be related to the beauty and wellness industry.

Making KALON App and its Impact on the Audience

Making KALON App and its Impact on the Audience

Kalon App is an aggregator beauty service app bringing in all the beauty professionals, make artists, hair stylists, and independent beauticians under one umbrella. Kalon App is a dynamic platform enabling people to discover skillful beauty professionals and stylists nearby. People can pick the best professionals based on the reviews, charges, and ratings of salon experts. The user can also book an appointment quickly and easily to save time.

We wanted to create an engaging, intuitive, and business-driven application that can deploy services seamlessly across the platform. The app is supported by both iOS and Android operating systems. Mainly, as a team of experienced developers, we wanted people to freely schedule beauty sessions according to their convenient timings. The app could fulfill this basic goal and help clients seamlessly manage their beauty care schedules amidst their hectic work-life routines.

What kind of Design Process Did We Follow

What kind of Design Process Did We Follow?

Our client wanted the project done in eight weeks. Dividing the entire project into six phases, we worked through the design and development with the help of the best developers. We adopted the Agile Testing Method for creating an accurate product. With this strategy, we could focus on each segment thoroughly.

The process we followed was as below:

Impact Assessment

We gathered inputs from the stakeholders and users. This worked as strong feedback for executing the next development cycle.

Agility Test Planning

We called all the stakeholders and planned the schedule of testing together, the meeting frequency, and the deliverable dates.

Daily Scrums

The daily scrums included the everyday standup meetings and the reports to catch up on the schedule of testing. In this manner we could set goals on a daily basis.

Agility Review Meeting

We conducted weekly review meetings with the stakeholders and did a review of the development cycle. Along with this we assess the entire progress of our product in comparison to the milestones that we needed to achieve.

Approved Meetings For Deployment

During this stage, we reviewed the features that were developed and implemented. We even checked with the status and possibilities of going live or not.

Our Team Structure

To build a high-performing, feature-packed app, we had an experienced team of project managers, UI/UX designers, developers, testers, and QA analysts. The team had the knowledge of all the updated tools, frameworks, technologies, and could offer a unique solution to all the pain points that were addressed by the customer.

The Tech Stack

We chose the robust tech stack that could build a perfect app. The app needed a strict adherence to the quality standards and should be able to deliver optimized performance that can stand tall against the competitors. We used the following technologies:

  • Node.js framework
  • React.js framework
  • MySQL database
  • SocketIO
  • Flutter for front-end development
  • Figma

Features of Kalon App

User Panel

  • Social Signup/Login
  • Browse and select the stylists or beauty professional
  • View the beauty services
  • Hire professional beautician
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Integrated payment modes
  • Review mechanism for the beauticians
  • Look into past bookings and future schedule
  • Choose subscription package
  • Live chat with the stylist

Professional/Stylist Panel

  • View user request
  • Register via email id
  • Catalog Management
  • Schedule the stylist for users
  • Manage services offered
  • Accept/decline user’s request
  • Manage pricing of services
  • View and confirm bookings
  • Manage calendar
  • Accept or re-schedule or reject the request
  • Accept the payments
  • Manage catalog

Admin Panel

  • Manage CMS
  • Manage payments
  • Report generation
  • Manage Stylist/beautician
  • Manage subscription package
  • App monetization
  • Manage marketing channel

Advanced Features

  • Social Signup/Login

    Social map option for clients to quickly sign up for the app by using any type of social media accounts. Eye-catching signup page

  • Service Rating & Review

    Checking out the ratings of each service before booking it. Enables quick decision making and a window for the customers to put down their reviews

  • In-app Chat With providers

    In-app chats with the stylists, beauticians, makeup artists via messaging within the app. Easy communication and clarification of doubts and issues.

  • In-app call with number masking

    Helping app users to call freely to the service providers for any further interaction. Calls can be made from within the app by complete number masking.

  • In-app navigation

    Integration with the GPS location identifier and the feature enabling the users to track the location of their service agents in real time. Display the tentative arrival time of the beautician.

  • PIP Mode Tracking

    Picture in picture mode to help the user keep track of the beautician or stylist appointments

  • SMS Authentication

    Reinforcing the security measure and avoiding fraudulent practices with an OTP number that is sent to the customer’s registered email address or mobile number.

  • CRM

    App owners can quickly resolve entire customer queries and provide an improved experience.

  • CMS

    Enables the providers to manage all the content available on the app such as services, salons, contact details, addresses, etc. Admin can maintain a style blog, provide input content on the latest beauty trends, makeup, etc.

  • Real-time Dashboard

    Profound analytics dashboard for the admin to view the complete information on various crucial business metrics like the number of users, e-store numbers, user acquisition, etc.

  • Multiple Mobile Wallet Integration

    Integration of multiple payment options into the app like enabling app users to make hassle-free payments with the fast pace with the desired mode of payment such as Google Pay, etc.

  • Marketing & Promotion Tools

    Integration of various marketing tools like email, text, calls, coupon, etc to provide special offers to the customers.

What is the cost of building a beauty service mobile app?

There are a range of factors that matter while deciding upon the exact cost of the application development. Factors such as back-end, features, UI/UX requirements, third-party integrations, complexity level, etc needs to be considered. Whether the app is built on iOS or Android platform will result in an amount of time and effort needed. Apps having a lot of functionalities and more screens will pressurize developers to pitch in too much time in developing the app. Creating unique designs that can attract user attention will need to pay more price. Third-party plugin integrations that enhance app functionality also comes with a cost. Besides the location of the development company, client native, etc affects the overall cost.

Wrapping Up

Softqube Technologies is one of the renowned on-demand application development companies that provides full-stack development services. An aspiring entrepreneur who needs to expand the brand or want to create a steady income stream, can invest in creating the beauty services app. Building the Kalon app has helped us evolve, excel, and thrive amidst the diverse challenges that can be confronted while building customer-centric applications. If you have a project that is close to your heart and needs a seamless and rapid execution, we are here to help you transform it into a stunning reality. Get in touch with our experts today!

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