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Android App Development: Now Bigger Apps can be uploaded to Google Play

September 28, 2015

Android App Development: Now Bigger Apps can be uploaded to Google Play

“Good news for Android app developers and Happy Days are there again!”

Google now allows developers to upload bigger android apps on Google Play. This news will create huge excitement for developers because now they can develop huge apps and earn money from the same in huge sum.

So, now if your app is 100 MB in size it doesn’t matter as it will now be easily uploaded on Google Play store. Hurray! Now developers can develop apps of up to 100 MB! This extension will help developers to make more of advanced apps.

Maximum App Size for Google Play

Previously, this limit was restricted to 50 MB and now it has been doubled. Generally, apps don’t reach to that large size but 3D games, apps with visual effects can easily reach that limit. Certain applications need lot of CPU space and for such apps, this extension serves like a boon.

Well, it’s not actually necessary to create huge apps. This extension is given only for those apps that are large in size and by no means can their size be reduced. Hence, developers are requested not to misuse this privilege.

Rule for App Development:

It is advisable to stick to the golden rule of App Development: The smaller the APK file of an Android app, the better it is. This will enable all the users even those who reside in less developed countries to make most use of the app as those people are blessed with smaller devices having less or no advanced hardware as well as cellular services with certain data caps.

Hence, when you develop an app; it is advisable to think broadly about the same instead of just thinking about you, me and people around us. Think how the entire world will be able to use your app in an effective way.

If you are using an Android device, just take a look at the storage and decide how many apps are covered within 100 MB! You will find four or five of them and rest of them will have very less size. Yes, there are some apps whose size increases once they are downloaded.

However, even though this extension is available; it is recommended to develop apps of as much less size as possible. But, there are certain apps that extend 100 MB. So, how developers can deal with them?

Apps with more than 100 MB size:

This happens in rare case still Google has solution for this as well. Such huge apps can be uploaded by using expansion files offered by Google especially for Android. These files help developers to upload apps of up to 2 GB on Google servers.

This feature is similar to the one available for iOS 9 known as “on demand resources” where the developer file is stored in cloud and then given to the users only when they need it.

So, now developers stay relaxed. Develop the apps with focus and try to keep their size less however in case there’s no chance then you can make use of Google’s new privilege and extend it up to 100 MB!

Wind Up

We think this information will be very useful to all the app developers and they will now be eager to know this. Let us know how this information has helped you in making development decisions.

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