Newsletters Recommended for Front End Web Developers to Stay updated with Current Trends

September 24, 2015

Are you a front end web developer? Do you like to stay updated with current trends? Then this blog post from Softqube Technologies, Web development Company India is especially for you. Here, we have provided some of the well known newsletters that are recommended for front end web developers to stay updated with latest trends.

Recommended Newsletters for Front end Developers:

  • Web Development Reading List: This newsletter includes the latest web development resources as sorted out by well known Front end developer Anselm Hannemann.
  • Level Up!: Subscribe to this newsletter and get the latest news about web development, web design and other related topics every two or three weeks.
  • Dev tips: This is the newsletter that offers Google Chrome development tips in animated GIF. It will available once in a week. It is considered as an important tool for web developers as it helps them to learn some amazing tricks and techniques of the web development field.
  • SitePoint Newsletter: You must definitely subscribe to this newsletter as it offers flexibility to subscribe to only those topics that interests you.
  • Status code: It is weekly newsletter that includes links which are of great interest for the coders.
  • Gamedev.js Weekly: Designed especially for HTML 5 game development community, this newsletter contains all the updates related to HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Web Developer Newsletter: A small overview of web development articles, news and discussions is included in this newsletter. It is necessary to Sign up for any code project account to avail the benefit from this small bundle of information.
  • Full Web: Another amazing newsletter useful for full stack developers which includes all the news and articles on various topics like as web development, backend development and many other development operations.
  • JavaScript Jabber: This is the weekly podcast about JavaScript which can be available via email. It consists of updates related to various topics like as Node and various other front end technologies.
  • JavaScript Weekly: A newsletter that keeps you updated with latest news and trends of JavaScript. This will be available on every Friday.
  • Node Weekly: Again similar to JavaScript weekly, this contains news, articles and useful links about Node.js. This is available on every Friday.
  • Dev List: This includes everything related to Software development like as front end development. It is a sign up form available at the website footer.

Wind Up

So, now front end developers will be easily aware about the current market trends and will apply them to fulfill the client requirements. Hope this blog post serves useful to you. If you are aware about any other newsletters that can add to the knowledge of any web developer then do share them with us because “Sharing is Caring”.

Here, you will get plenty of tips and tricks related to web development field. So, keep reading our blogs and stay connected with us.

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