The Use of Texture in Web Design

November 13, 2014

Web designing is in high demand these days and is in process for many years back. The web designers and developers are highly trained and have professional technical skills knowledge’s. Earlier designing concepts use to include textures in the background so that it looks catchier but, now gradients and transparency are supported as a background. It is believed that textures make the site heavy and increase the load time, but still there are many developers/designers who use designer textures in web design and are even successful, the textures and patterns attracts the crawlers to click on the site.

Few Textures that are Common and Demanded

Bahur78: This beautiful texture is in wooden brown shade with a texture of cardboard and mathematical graph paper pattern at the header port.

Maptia: This designer texture is in slate gray and radial gradient pattern and is perfect for typography and blogs.

This gray and blue textured designer background looks perfect with minimal style and is perfect for promotional page.

Tony Geer: This is a stylish, subtle texture with two separate color combinations that is black in the header and a splatter-style texture in the main image. This is a great alternative for use of gradient as a background.

The Ruby Tap: It is a designer texture completely based on wooden pattern and is perfect for the websites of hotels, restaurant and bars.

Rabuzin Fine Art: This is a designer light shade, texture with off white and blue combination that keeps refreshing. The benefit of a light colored texture is that it has a low file size and is perfect for the blogs or websites of online gifts or floral boutique site.

There are many more textures and theme based options available that are used widely by the website designing companies and freelancers. The photography theme related texture is perfect for the wedding photography site many others related to the medicine, health or gaming sites are available. One can design the thing according the requirement of the candidate or can choose online too.

Basically the web design, texture is created in 2D well known software Photoshop. One can either pick already designed theme or can create their own. If one has a technical knowledge of software then they can design a pattern via the Google Photoshop tutorial. A texture is a key factor that separates the designing sense from all others. Beside the sense of designing it also let the design look realistic and help the viewer to know what kind of product is listed and helps the potential buyer to catch the site easily.

Wind Up:

It is seen that the web design concept keeps on changing, but texture look is something which is not backing head and helps to give a 3D effect to the site. So, we can state that the demand of a textured background will last longer and keep on attracting large number of crawlers to site. Get in touch with Softqube Technologies, web design company India to get more updates about such web design trends.

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