Overview of New PHP Version- PHP 5.6.0RC2

July 5, 2014

PHP is an open source platform mostly popular in developing user friendly web applications. It is widely recommended by programmers because of its user friendliness and cross compatibility. PHP is the only programming language that is flexible with all operating systems as well as browsers.

As technology changes day in and day out, PHP versions also keep on improving with new additional features. So, PHP professionals have to keep an eye on the current version and get to know what is inside it.

Here, we are going to discuss about the current version of PHP that was released on 3rd July 2014, PHP5.6.0RC2. First of all, we will take a look at the new added features of this version then will have a glance on its drawbacks.

PHP5.6.0RC2: Second release of the version PH5.6.It is a bug fix only release.

New Features:

  • Constant scalar expressions: With this new version, previously where PHP asked for static value now scalar expressions can be used with numeric and string literals. These include constants, property declarations & default function arguments.
    For e.g.:
    Constant Scalar Expressions
  • Variadic Functions with (…) operator: These can now be executed with the operator”…”instead of using this function: “func_get_args().”
    For e.g.:
    Variadic Functions
  • Argument unpacking with (….) operator: With the use of “…” this operator, we can easily unpack array and traversable objects into argument lists. Other languages such as Ruby recognize this as Slat operator.
    For e.g.:
    Argument Unpacking
  • Exponentiation with ** operator: Exponentiation can be done with the ** operator added with the current shorthand assignment operator **=
    For e.g:

The new features of PHP5.6.0RC2 are sure to make the development process easy for the entire PHP development team and gain utmost customer satisfaction. For any assistance related to the new PHP updates, get in touch with our Softqube technologies, India based PHP Development Company.

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