New Magento Extension: Magento Extended Success Page

May 10, 2015

New Magento Extension: Magento Extended Success Page

Magento, as we all know is the well known eCommerce platform usually recommended by most of the e- business owners. Be it a small business enterprise or the large or medium one, Magento is for all.

Further, you can also extend the functionalities of your e-store with various Magento extensions available in the market. Some are free while some are available at a fixed rate. Today, we are going to discuss about one such Magento extension which is useful to develop a success page for every e-store. The details of this extension are as follows:

Magento Extended Success Page:

This new Magento extension is for those business owners who wish to have a perfect success page in their eCommerce stores.

Benefits of Magento Extended Success Page:

  • Boost in After Order Sales
  • Create Better User Experience in Magento Shop
  • Display Banners, Order Details, Social Widgets, and Newsletter Subscriptions instead of a Simple Thank You Note.
  • One Minute Installation
  • Sections for Custom Content
  • Makes products cross selling an easy task.

These features are explained as under:

  • Custom Sections for Content: With this extension, you will get three custom sections where you can add your own content including text, images, code or any other HTML text. These three sections can be easily managed via Static blocks thus making content creation an easy task.

    These sections can be either enabled or disabled in this extension.

  • Order Details: This extension helps you to display order details on your success page as this will ensure customers with a final confirmation of their order along with the delivery address.

    Further, it also displays Shipping and Payment methods, list of ordered items as well as order totals.

  • Social Widgets: This section is used to add the code of every kind of social widget you wish to include in your content page. It serves to be a great place to get maximum likes and followers.
  • News Letter Subscriptions: An effective way to get email address of the visitors is to offer them newsletters. This section in this extension helps you to grow your email list.
  • Cross Selling products: Success Page is a perfect place for cross selling related products. This means when any buyer performs check out then he/she is able to find other similar products which may interest them and they may purchase any one among them.

    Yes, offering combo packages can also serve the purpose. The reason customer has already established a connection with you and so you need to just provide an offer that they cannot resist. Hence, this extension is really useful for business owners to increase their sales.

How to start:

  • Copy all files from source directory to Magento Installation Root Directory
  • Go to Admin> System> Cache Management and then remove all caches.
  • Logout and Re-login
  • Then again go to Admin> System> Configuration> MageMill > Extended Success Page to set up this extension.
Wind Up

Hope this blog post will be useful to you and in case you need any assistance regarding Magento development, then you can discuss your queries on Magento forums or take any Magento experts advice.

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