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June 24, 2014

The craze to have an online business is increasing day by day. It seems easy to start an ecommerce business but it takes lot of hard work to maintain its reputation on the internet as well as drive traffic to have customers in bulk.

To begin with, you need a website, proper SEO strategy, target audience, popularity of the product or service that you are going to sell, your budget and lots more. Moreover, this is not a onetime game. You need to keep updating your website with latest content so that no one can consider you as outdated. Search engines like Google also prefer the websites that keep updating on regular basis.

We can see many adverts offering website for free or at nominal rates but those websites can serve your purpose in the beginning then later on it requires updation. There are certain online tools available that can assist you in creating the type of website you need.

Need of Web Designers

Well, sometimes these tools don’t suffice your needs. This is the time where you need assistance of a web designer or if your project is lengthy then it may require an entire web designing team. So, as per your project and budget, you can choose either to hire web designer or an entire team of web designers.

Again, here there are two options: 1) Outsourcing your project to any web designing company 2) Hiring an experienced web designer on your own, may be a freelancer. This selection also depends on three pillars: a) your budget b) your needs c) time frame within which you need it to be completed. The one that meets your needs; is able to complete the project in a given time frame can be chosen.

Make your website unique:

Apart from this, it is important to know exactly how your website will be different from those of competitors and what is the uniqueness of your website. Some of the points that can help you to get a unique website developed are mentioned below:

  • Proper attractive layout matching your business field.
  • Unique and informative content.
  • Images that explain your products/ services
  • Explainer videos
  • Portfolio
  • Client Testimonials
  • Easy navigation to Home page, contact us page.

Choose your web design as per the business field. For instance, if you are in the education field, you can select a book type web design where visitors can turn pages to view entire details as required by them and can quickly be able to contact you.

Making something different can easily lead you to top rankings rather just building links which is an outdated strategy now. It’s important that your website should be stronger by its design, inner SEO strategy and must directly capture the hearts of your target audience.


If you are a newbie in the industry or need to update your current web site and make it an interactive one then you can hire reliable web designers in India. Softqube Technologies can help you with better ideas on how you can expand your business based on one unique website.

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