Android App Development : Do you need to know about Android App
What do you need to know about Android App Development?
Android Mobile Application Development

What do you need to know about Android App Development?

The smartphone revolution today has covered almost every corner of the world and has now taken the global market by storm. This immediate impact here has also brought an outburst not only to all the websites but also the e-commerce industry in specific.  All these decided efforts are put into practice so that the customers get a better user experience of using these mobile apps developed using Android. Looking at the higher demand in the market, Android App Development has thus become a necessity for every business for a survival in this tough world. So, whenever one needs to discuss smartphones, Android by large comes into this picture and it is also the main factor that gets all the attention that is needed.

What do you need to know as a beginner about Android apps?

To benign, any task it is important that you have the basic infrastructure with the start-up kit ready. In this case, you would need the following:
1) (SDK) Software Development Kit
2) (Integrated Development Environment) IDE like Android Studio
3) (JDK) Java Software Development Kit
4) Virtual device for testing

Download Android Studio: IDE

In order to start, you need to download the official IDE of Android. It offers the best class apart Code editing, debugging with an instant build and deploy the system. Its focus is on allowing building innovative and high in quality apps.

With Android studio, you can develop apps for Android smartphones, tablets and anything that works on Android.

Following Android Developers Guidelines

The entire network of information is organised in such a manner that one leads to other. Training Modules to API guidelines and moreover informative blogs are available with extensive collection documents that can be used for reference.

Open source possibilities

As we all are aware of the fact that Android here is considered an open source technology where the source code of this operating system can be easily customized and this thus leads to new prospects of development. The platform here thus makes it easy for one and all to easily adapt to this technology and enhance it in a better way. The focus of using Android is to use something new and let the user have a greater user experience which only can be provided by customized Android app development here.

The first step here is to officially download an IDE for Android that can offer you world-class features for editing the code, debugging it, building it and then deploying it on a system. This studio here makes sure that you get to build robust, secure and scalable apps that can easily run on smartphones, tablets and TV’s using Android.

Designing Possibilities

When it comes to using Android apps, you need to make sure that they are purely designed for android only and not anything else. It is just too difficult to replicate other platforms for one perfect platform to use. And in case you need help then Google is the right platform that provides you with the entire necessary platform that makes the work look intuitive and different from the others. So, all you need to do is to search in for visual languages that display the rules for good design and innovation using the latest technology.

With a list of downloading stencils and tools, this section of resources thus helps you to not only create a design of your own choice but also implement it into the new system. This set of principles and guidelines will thus help you to use these modern design principles and then provide a better design assistance for using several form factors.

Kotlin Brings a new shift in Android App Development

Making common development challenges easy to overcome is the strength that Kotlin provides to the Android developer. This powerful language manages runtime exceptions and source code verbosity challenges.

Kotlin is an easy to start language with the versatility of being used in existing projects.

Give Top preference to security

Apart from all this, it also becomes a necessity to make sure that security has been maintained in these android apps.

You might be able to access a number of these apps from Google Play Store, but security is also one of the major concerns that one needs to keep in their minds.
Always remember this fact that if your app has security then it will be widely accepted and this is where your built-in app needs to be tested for proper functionality and performance.

Testing it on a wide scale will thus help it to survive the indifferent situations and thus protect the users from bugs that can affect their work.


Beginning with Android app development would be considered as a blessing as it provides the ease to understand how the developer behaves and that is the key to success. Are you looking for reliable and honest Android App Development Company, and then you need to certainly go in for Softqube Technologies as they provide you expert work with due diligence.

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