Email Marketing Trends: Email Design for Mobile

August 23, 2014

In our today’s blog, we will include some important points that a web designer must consider while developing an email design for mobiles. As we know email newsletters is a very popular way of internet marketing, so it is important to frame email designs that are compatible with mobile in order to make the best use of email marketing.

Things to take care while developing an email design

  •  Email clients and platforms that must be supported
  •  Responsive design
  •  Which matter should be given top priority in email newsletter?

Furthermore, some of the email marketing trends can also be considered while developing mobile email designs:

  1.  Email Layouts: Web-designers avoid using email layouts that include most common CSS properties as this has inculcated the fear that table based layouts may vary on different email platforms such as Gmail and Outlook.
    In case, your business has more number of clients who use email on their mobile device then your business emails must have a design that provides web experience to the user even when he/she is viewing your emails on any other device apart from PC.
  2.  Successful Email Campaigns: As per the survey, nearly 80% of email campaigns are viewed on a mobile device and we can say mobile devices are ruling the market share across 2013-2014 and this has forced website designers to develop better email experience on all platforms viz. mobile, tablet, computer etc.
    Based on these email marketing trends, we can provide some important tips to the new business owners who are eager to develop their online business:

      • Prefer to have a design for the web as well as for mobile: Designers have to adapt changes with regards to email behaviour. Till 2012, desktop emails were preferred and as time passed, the trend changed to mobile devices and now it is the easiest and preferred way to read an email.
        So, a fixed email layout will not work anymore. Email content as well as design should be easily readable even on a small screen. Responsive email design is the need of the day. Most of the people read and view emails on Android, or Apple iOS devices. Compared to Android, Apple iOS devices are used the most. As per a survey, nearly 61% are I-phone users, 26% iPad users and 12% android users.
      • Existence of Desktop and Web Email clients: There are still people who view emails on web using a desktop or PC. First time email users are those who use email on web and then second time clicks are from mobile devices. Most of the emails open with Outlook say 56% and nearly 16% open from other web platforms.
        Different email clients have different requirements. So, while developing email applications or email designs, it is advisable to do the coding from scratch and then know about different traits of all email clients which are useful to have a good judgement.

Wrap up

Website designers at Softqube Technologies, a professional web design company in India have many tricks and tips as to how responsive email designs can be developed. If you wish to get a responsive email design that supports various email clients, then feel free to our experts who strive to offer professional website design solutions for you.

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