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Five Joomla CMS Mistakes to Avoid

March 11, 2016

Five Joomla CMS Mistakes to Avoid

Joomla is a very well adopted CMS that is used for developing websites. Large enterprises prefer Joomla the most. No matter how much expert one is in developing websites; always one or the other thing is left out.

Sometimes; in an urge to complete tasks within given deadlines; Joomla website owners often tend to make some mistakes. Here, in this blog post; we have highlighted those so that these are not repeated thus making the development task error free.

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Mistakes made by Joomla Website Owners:

  • Back up Testing Undone: Be it a small mobile app or any website; back up is necessary. It is the most helpful thing that provides us all our old data back which is useful when at any point of time if things go wrong and we may lose the data, back up will help us to retrieve everything.

    Without back up; you will not be able to get the data back when your website gets hacked or there are other such critical issues. Failing to have a back up is one of the biggest mistakes ever done by website owners.

    Never rely on hosting companies; have a back up of your own!

  • Failing to stay updated with Joomla updates: Joomla keeps on updating its versions on regular basis but if you fail to login into administration dashboard of Joomla website then you will not know when and how the update is available.

    In most of the cases; website owner fails to offer administrator access with web developers. Here, we can say that 99% of websites are never updated once they get launched. Joomla comes with regular updates related to security patches and bug fixes.

    For this, Joomla extension Auto Update is available which automatically handles minor version updates to Joomla.

  • Failing to Maintain the Database: Database is the most forgotten areas of any Joomla website. Databases can grow quickly however lack of maintenance can slow down the website.

    Back up sizes increase to an extent when any database is uncontrollable. It is necessary to hire a qualified web developer who can help you to maintain websites regularly.

  • Failing to stay updated with Joomla Extension updates: Joomla has several core updates and there are various 3rd party extensions that keep on updating their softwares. It is necessary to ensure that Joomla extensions are updated regularly as this will help you to get benefit of new features, bug fixes, security patches and compatibility updates.
  • Lack of Image Optimization: High resolution images clicked with professional digital cameras are crystal clear. So, just you need to upload it and scale it down so that it can easily fit the page. There’s a common mistake made by website owners i.e. failing to optimize the images before uploading them.

    It is necessary for your website to be visible on mobile devices and hence your images must be optimized for mobile devices so that website doesn’t take much time to load.

Take Away:

So, from now on; don’t forget to keep an eye on latest updates. Let us know how this blog post helped you? For more such tips; stay tuned with Softqube Technologies; Joomla website development company in India.

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