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Microsoft’s Next Version of ASP.NET Confirmed

Microsoft’s Next Version of ASP.NET Confirmed

Finally the much-awaited next major release of Microsoft’s ASP.NET server based web development framework has come into light. During the recently conducted TechEd event in Houston, the Microsoft made announcement of the latest innovations and detailed what they are now calling ASP.NET vNext. With new scenarios, Microsoft has given green signal to new generation of personal and business opportunity that allows rapid development of web applications on .Net framework.

Dominating on the growing of Internet-based computing and communications market, the .NET is now deliver simpler, more customized and more profitable Internet experiences through constellations of smart devices and websites with cutting edge programming. With updated many aspects, this framework make ASP.NET apps easier to build and perform considerably better. This creates a wide range of new opportunity for developers, partners, and customers.

This future version was codenamed “Project K.” Apparently, it was called a ‘streamlined’ and ‘cloud-optimized’ version of .NET by officials. An ASP.NET expert – Jeff Fritz said that the Open Web Interface for .NET (OWIN) will be taking over the ASP.NET runtime that means the next version will be OWIN-compliant and the web developers will get access to accumulate and design applications host ASP.NET vNext apps on the server or cloud, and the programmers will be able for the more flexible tools set for developing their server-side apps.

Conceivably, the ASP.NET vNext will take things to the next door. As per officials, while the Microsoft brought .NET 4.5.2 quietly, it embraces a number of bug fixes, security updates and some nominal features.

4 Key Principles Guiding the ASP.NET vNext:

• Productive and purposeful user experience to define and control privacy
• Ease of use & simplicity
• Internet standards & protocols
• Business opportunity & integration

With noteworthy user expectations for performance, the developed app device and cloud apps using that new version will support more specific hardware/virtual environments. It has a cloud optimized mode which lets the developer to deploy apps with a copy of the .NET Framework libraries they need. These libraries will be distributed via NuGet. Other libraries like WPF and Windows Forms have been removed from this mode. The updated versions of Web API, MVC, SignalR, Web Pages, and EF are included in ASP.NET vNext.

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Nitin Suvagiya

Nitin Suvagiya

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