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Microsoft News: Windows 10 Probably to Launch in July

May 31, 2015

Microsoft News: Windows 10 Probably to Launch in July

Windows 10; updated Windows operating system by Microsoft is a buzz word among people. Everyone is eager to take its benefit and see what new features it comes up with. As per the Microsoft updates, Windows 10 is set to launch in July. However, the official date is not yet revealed.

According to the sources, Company has set its target to launch it in the end of July. Previously, Microsoft had decided to launch it on April 29th but later it got delayed till three months. Hence, a proper commitment was not made by Microsoft.

Now, it has claimed the “Confirm release” of Windows 10 in July 2015. This has led to innumerable questions such as whether it will available with or without any bugs by July. Microsoft is on track and it has made all attempts to launch this operating system initially as a free upgrade.

Windows10 Launch in July 2015:

Initially Windows 10 testers will be the first to achieve the final version of this operating system. Like previous Windows releases there will be a minor space between the release and manufacturing process.

Windows 10 Launching

In this gap, the operating system is delivered to various OEMs for preparation of several new machines and their availability as an upgrade which can be downloaded and installed. The upgrade process is to be processed during the entire Windows 10 development process.

And several preview builds are to be developed just before days or weeks once they are properly complied from within. The same preview process will go on even after Windows 10 is released in public.

The development process is transformed into a service and update driven process that allows Windows 10 to get regular feature updates in the future. These updates will then be checked by Windows insiders and then finally applied to the machines.

Several well known features like extension support in Microsoft Edge will be available later in 2015 and more such feature changes can be seen in 2016 as well.

Windows 10 Price:

For those using Windows 7/ 8.1, this new version will be available for free for the first year. This version will also be available for free for those who are using pirated softwares. As per Microsoft; they are upgrading every eligible PC, real and unreal software to Windows 10.

Those who are using the PC, laptop with inbuilt Windows 7 or 8.1 will get upgraded to Windows 10. Right now people are not properly aware about the worth of licensed softwares but slowly with time this will be understood by people and by the time Microsoft is trying its best to make the legal copies easily available so that it can be used by everyone who is willing to use the licensed one but is forced to use the pirated one.

New Features of Windows 10:

  • Customizable Start Menu, Task bar and Action Centre: Now, these can be easily resized as per the need.
  • Updates to Mail and Calendar Apps: These updates come with proper support from Microsoft Office 365, etc.
  • Advanced Task view: Task view, virtual desktop etc has improved to an extent.
  • Software updates: Now, Windows 10 users will have easy access to the software updates and app downloads. Peer to peer updates will also be available within the network.
  • New Keyboard Shortcuts: With the updated feature of multiple desktops; new keyboard shortcuts list will also be made available by Microsoft to manage various desktops.
  • Easily accessible by third Party developers: Unique lock screens can be easily created by third party developers with Windows 10 and other apps like as Data Sense, Battery saver which will be accessed over the Windows Phone.

Microsoft now will no longer support some earlier versions of Windows O/s and before the support expires; people using those versions will start get warnings stating that this version is going to expire soon and now it’s the time to update it to the latest one.

Wind Up

Well, this was just an update about Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10. In case you have got further information then do share it with our readers. That’s it for now. We will definitely meet again with further updates about the same.

Keep Reading. Keep sharing.

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